Motorstorm Apocalypse Is Pretty Cool In 3D

GameInformer: "I sat down, put on some 3D glasses, and put Motorstorm Apocalypse new track set in the suburbs through its paces. The take home message? Driving through a world that’s blowing up all around you plays great in 3D."

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zeeshan3007d ago

Maaann!! I'd love to get a 3D TV but... me poor wallet doesn't allow that atm :(

WildArmed3007d ago

I'm guessing that's the only thing holding 3D gaming/movies back atm.
Though, in a few years, (AFTER i graduate from med school) I'll be all over this lol
Hopefully it won't die out by then!
I'm really excited about 3d gaming/movie @ home

remanutd553007d ago

tell me about it , i have played it already in 3D , it looks SPECTACULAR!!!