Top Ten Put To Shame By Halo Reach

With the release of Halo Reach just around the corner. We take a look at the content that has been revealed. Halo Reach has tonnes of features and overwhelming amount of content, that has various types of genres within a FPS game.Thier is so much variety and so much to do come September 14th.

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Noble Spartan3033d ago

Overwhelming amount of content. Hopefully they have even more!

brazilianbumpincher3033d ago

with no common sense to his points,n4g mods doing their job well as usual /s

that said racing in halo sounds super dope

blitz06233033d ago

GT5 replay system put to shame by this one's? You serious?

Trizard3033d ago

Wait, you have played GT5 already and know its better. He's (in the article) talking about the past theater modes from GT games. For all you know GT5 could have millions of glitches and bomb (it probably won't thought and GOTY nominee most likely) but you don't know yet cause you haven't played it

mercsfan3033d ago

lol this is a horribly written piece, grammar wise. Reach does look ok though.

Biggest3033d ago

How's this sound, Trizard?

"Wait, you have played Halo: Reach already and know its better. He's (in the article) talking about the past theater modes from Halo games. For all you know Halo: Reach could have millions of glitches and bomb (it probably won't thought and GOTY nominee most likely) but you don't know yet cause you haven't played it"

Trizard3033d ago

Actually good sire, I played the Reach Beta (no major major glitches, some minor but what else is a beta for) and Halo 3 which had theater mode in it and it still puts it to shame IMO. Also, the theaters modes are practically the same with minor improvements to control and ease of use.

SilentNegotiator3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

"6. Little Big Planet
Overshadowed By : Forge World"
But definitely not LBP2.

"Call Of Duty : Black Ops
Overshadowed By : Space Warfare"
.......probably because Black Ops doesn't HAVE Space Warfare.

"4. Left For Dead
Overshadowed By : Firefight 2.0"
Okay, now this is just getting silly.

"1. Blu-Ray
Overshadowed By : Sheer Amount of Content found on a measely Xbox 360 DVD"
Because it has so many variations? Silly Xbox fanboys don't understand technology in the slightest.

DarkTower8053033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Overshadowed by mag, 256 players online at once...NO LAG!!!

EDIT: I usually try to avoid comments like this, but this dumbass article deserves potshots being taken at it. Halo: Reach does look amazing, and I'm sure it will be, but this article is just dumb. Don't go knocking very well-known popular games just to promote another game. The author needs to put his fanboy back on a leash.

0mega43033d ago

someone needs to post a critique of microsoft money management
where is your live money going?

i would like to see an article discussing

them wasting money on securing timed exclusives

shifting there focus away from there core audience and toward the causal cash cow with kinect
and putting all there first party studios on kinect developments

not having enough first party studios

and failing to secure third party studios to make exclusives

and justifying xbox live
charging for multiplayer experience which is usually half of the game you already payed for purchase

3032d ago
mikeslemonade3032d ago

Well yea they need to make enough content to last the xbox zealot for the rest of the generation since they got no exclusives after this.

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heroprotagonist3033d ago

The amount of content in Halo Reach really is unrivaled in the genre.

Biggest3033d ago

I'm pretty sure he is correct in this. Is there any other FPS out there with the amount of content of Halo: Reach?

number473033d ago

Well. The Half life/Counterstrike series.

Shepherd 2143033d ago

Half-Life and CS only have more content when you take into account user created content, which is limitless on PC, quality is variable depending on the creator, and is not verified and made by the actual developers.

ABizzel13033d ago

Well this was informative on everything Halo Reach is offering. I myself have never been a Halo fan. I though the games were good, but not the holy grail of gaming like so many people think (I never understand them, the story is standard FPS, the gameplay is solid, the controls are great, and the multiplayer is great).

But this article is a little extreme. The comparisons to other games aren't needed at all, in fact it belittles what could have been a great article telling all the things Halo Reach has in store for gamers.

Replay System. Theater mode is nice and all, but it's nothing worth bragging about.

Assassinations. This has been done in so many games, and again it's nothing worth bragging about. The comparison to Assassin's Creed it just stupid. Assassin's Creed is about finesse not brutality, in which case Killzone 3 wins. The ones we've seen aren't impressive, but as stated there are suppose to be 40, so we'll see then.

Racing. Well I guess all those Halo Karts jokes finally came true. I think I might actually like this. This is one thing worth mentioning since it gives people who aren't competitive shooter die hards something to look forward to besides Firefight mode.

RPG games. The customization is debatable. I'm sure there will be plenty of armor and other items to use. But come on people can play Halo for 5 years. Yes they can, but they can play any game for 5 years. Halo will be the same game after you complete the campaign and play your first multiplayer, Firefight, and Race online which should take around 12 - 15 hours at the most. RPG's are literally 30+ hours.

Forge is great for making unique maps and matches, but comparing it to little big planet is ridiculous. They were wise with the choice of words for the comparison, but Forge is nowhere near little big planet, and definitely not little big planet 2.

Space Warfare. We haven't seen Call of Duty's Space Warfare so we can't say. But I would be surprised if it is better than Halos. Halo's look like Star Fox or a 3D Geometry Wars set in the Halo Universe. But there are other games that they should have used to compare this to, but they played it safe with Call of Duty.

Firefight was fun in ODST, but it's nothing like Left 4 Dead. Firefight should have been compared to Gears Horde mode since they wanted to do comparison. Knowing what their doing with Firefight 2.0 has me even more excited, as Firefight is my favorite mode in Halo.

I bet the 60 AI are going to be the flood. More enemies on screen is fine and all, but Halo has been upstaged by a game released in 2008. Resistance 2 had 60 player online multiplayer, and MAG has 256. I believe human players beat AI any day.

Halo owns Stat tracking.

Blu Ray. This was a waste. Most of the things listed for Halo Reach are nothing more than programs running from the disc. Everything you make and save is going to your HDD not to the disc so that was dumb.

Halo Reach looks like it's going to be a great game on it's own, stop trying to hype it by failing to try and bring other games down.

NarcolepZZZZZZ3033d ago

I doubt the flood will even be in reach, they weren't even discovered by either humans or covenant until ce. Seeing as how this is a prequel and doesn't take place anywhere near a ring....more likely is the majority of a 60 ai battle would be marines and grunts.

ARBitrator3033d ago

Kind of long winded aren't you.

abczby3033d ago

The fact of the matter is, whether you are a fanboy or not, Halo: Reach does have more content than any other FPS in existence. You can compare it to Killzone 2, Resistance 2, any of the Call of Duty games, or Unreal Tournament 3. Its community features are also much more robust than any other game ever made. This is a fact. Deal with it fanboys. (I am talking about content with game at launch. No Gary's Mod or Half-Life 2 user created mods are as good as actual content made by real game developers.)

Quashiie3033d ago

You said no user created mods are as good as ones made by developers...but garrys mod was such a good user created mod it got turned into a full pay to play game, supported by valve.

ScoobyDrew3033d ago

ok the assassinations in Reach are pretty sick... but there is NO WAY they top the assassin's creed series' brutality.

Shepherd 2143033d ago

The article isnt very well written, but makes good points.

I got extremely bored with L4D 1 & 2, because you play through the same 4-5 mini campaigns over and over. In Reach's Firefight 2.0 you can at least change through dozens of different maps and dictate what kind of enemies you fight, how many, and what their basic AI behaviors are.

And Racing in Halo 3/Reach can and is just as fun as Mario Kart.

Its pretty kickass when an simple FPS can excel in another genre so easily. Reach looks amazing in all areas, i cant wait.

Sony3603032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )


Players on screen don't require any processing to run it's AI. It's full AI also, not scripted bots you see in the hack and slash games.

Also the "it's not even out yet" argument is invalid for reach, as the final build is available to certain people. Sorry!

sjaakiejj3032d ago

you honestly believe all the AI on the screen is being processed? It works simple, just like Heavenly Sword which had 1000 AI Characters on screen at the same time (makes 60 look pathetic doesn't it?).
The one's which are deemed highest priority are processed, whilst the others are idle, and perform relatively the same actions as each other or as the high priority ones, depending on what the developer deems better. There's actually only a few AI Instances.

Sony3603031d ago

sjaakiejj, it's full A.I in reach. What part about that don't you understand?

Heavenly sword doesn't have that many on screen, and on top of that the A.I in that game is very scripted. Don't even try and compare.

otherZinc3032d ago

There were other features that other FPS's (COD, Killzone, Battlefield, just to name a few) don't have that are more important than the features they mentioned: "CAMPAIGN CO-OP" 2-4 Player CO-OP!

Reach is massive & has no =!

FACTUAL evidence3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Did this guy really compare reach to LBP, and a blu-ray disc!?! Yeah..I'm done...

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TROLL EATER3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

funny thing is halo reach has even more content and some unannounced.

coolbeans3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Are they saying GT5/Fifa's replay mode is overshadowing Reach's or vice versa? Halo 3 had a theater mode when it released as well so I didn't follow that one.

Emmettcelticfan3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

By god it was painful to read that article. By the way he bigs it up we should all get rid of all our other games as halo reach has everything in it and does everything better. And it's so annoying when they spell blu ray "blue ray"

SOAD3033d ago

I think it's more annoying that people spell it Blu Ray. Why must everything be bastardized into some pseudo-hip spelling?

8-bit3033d ago

Maybe because that is how it is supposed to be spelled...

SOAD3033d ago

No. Blue Ray technology uses a blue laser instead of a red laser. Blue, not Blu.

I prefer to spell it the way it has been spelled for centuries.

skrug3033d ago

Blu Ray is the name of the product... >_>

DNAgent3033d ago

It's the same thing as "Froot Loops".

SOAD3033d ago Show
MrAwesome3033d ago

It's like writing We instead of Wii. See it's annoying seeing it spelled rong. XD

Biggest3033d ago

You're just letting life get to you here, SOAD. My nickname is Terry. I have an aunt Terri. Is one of us doing it wrong? No. BluRay isn't blue ray. It's the name of a product. But you already know this. Not sure why I am explaining it.

badz1493033d ago

now after so many years on the market Bluray is an issue to some? it's the name of the product, just like xbox, kinect, WII and so much more. live wth it they made, so they he the rights to put what ever name ty want. If you don't like it, come out with something similar and call it BLUE RAY like you wanted.


this article is pure flamebait and poorly written. each will be a good game no doubt looking at Bungie's track record with Halo. but there's no need to downplay every other great games out there as you'll eded looking like a retard. guess what, even with all the hype, Reach will never be even 1/4 of those other games in their rspective genre maybe except CoD because both are FPS. you'll never ever assassinate like Altair or Ezio, will never kart as fun as Mario & co and MNR, will never make a whole new games wth universal tools like LBP, will never realistically race like in GT5, will never play fooball like in FIFA, will never has better graphic than Crysis or KZ2/3and so on! see? there are lots of things other games are simply the best whih isn's Reach! it's a FPS, so better only compare it with FPS. although Reach will have great sales, I think CoD BO will give it a run for its moneycomes November. I guess even Halo fans can't stay playing only Halo for the longest time. even them, need other games! so stop downplaying other unrelated games please

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writersblock3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

The article is king of pointless since in no way are Gran Turismo, LBP, Fifa, ACand Reach competing. GT's racing simulator, LBP is a platforming play-create-share title, Fifa is a soccer game, AC is a historic action-adventure and Reach is a sci-fi shooter

LoydX-mas3033d ago

The point is, how many "sci-fi shooters" have this much variety with this much quality at every point, on one game?