Will OnLive Make Consoles Obsolete?

Xbox Live has been the core of my gaming world over the last few years, but a new challenger has risen up and threatens to steal away the attention and with it possibly many customers. That mighty challenger is none other than OnLive

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zeeshan2981d ago

Maybbbeee in the future but I don't think it's gona happen any time soon!

MasFlowKiller2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )


Onlive will never get God Of War or Halo or even Gran Turismo 5.
Its going to be a console that runs on multiplat.

Maybe if it gets popular it will force a console that want to run on multiplat to start making games, lol

BulletToothtony2981d ago

as a gamer i don't wish that any "innovation" that seems "worth it" should fail... (this doesn't include kinect)

But sadly i don't see any true gamer buying this over the ps3 nor the 360.. at this day and age we still like physical copies and due to the broadband issues on some cities or even in some "Apartment Complex" where they only allow you to use Charter (other sucky internet company) instead of comcast (comcast having faster speeds) will make your gameplay lag.. in the future when we have TRUE and CONSTANT download speeds of 100+mps and 50+ of upload speeds anything "internet only" is not looking very promising..

sadly i see this company going downthehill very soon after they even try to get started!

TooTall192981d ago

Buying it over a ps3 or 360? I agree with you people won't but it's nice to have along with a console (free year is still available). But what about Ps4 and the next generation? I think people will definitely give OnLive a shot before spending $500 on something not as reliable as they used to be.

JsonHenry2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Maybe in a country where HIGH SPEED bandwidth is actually fast and saturates the landscape. But not in America.

I can also see Onlive maybe doing something second rate. Like built into your satellite/cable box and playing older games for a small monthly fee through your TV or ISP. But replacing consoles just doesn't sound right to me.

AuToFiRE2981d ago

humans are very materialistic, they want to actually hold and touch the game, not download it, also with ISPs being greedy and whatnot onlive wont see the light of day, especially if you have someone wanting to download a movie while you play games

NYC_Gamer2981d ago

i doubt Onlive will be in the market for very long

pat_11_52981d ago

I see something like OnLive taking a foothold sometime in the far far future, not yet though.

ProjectVulcan2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

It'll work better, the better the world's internet performance gets. In ten years obviously the internet performance for most countries and more developed countries will routinely exceed 50mb/s down stably i would say with superior latencies from widespread fibre optic infrastructures.

Whether Onlive itself will still be around to take advantage some company will in the end. It might yet be a case of a good idea, let down by the technology being too immature just yet.

In the late 90's it was really beyond anyone's idea of how the music industry would shift from physical CD media to downloads online. From say 1998 (pre napster) to 2008 did anyone forecast how massive and rapid that shift would be? The future is notoriously difficult to predict when it comes to consumer technology trends.

ChronoJoe2981d ago

But can internet standards keep up with video definition standards?

1080p consumes a lot even for a 50mb line. Say the next generations standard becomes 1440, we say it doesn't matter past 1080p but irrespective 1440p is closer to realistic than 1080p, and don't tell me you believe 1080p video looks exactly as it does in real life.

Onlive is kind of in a weird position right now, in my opinion. With it primarly drawing in PC gamers - with very hardcore games, all of which on PC, and the software itself being ran right now primarily of of PCs, but it only supports 720p. Do you know how bad that looks to a guy sat 2 feet away?

ProjectVulcan2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Generally video standards and resolutions havent advanced as far as internet speeds have in the past ten years. As such the current HD generation has a good uptake but the point here ChronoJoe really is that onlive already matches the standard CONSOLE resolution (1280 x 720) the question being asked can it replace CONSOLE gaming, not Pc gamers which generally use considerably higher resolutions. Console gamers fully accept lower resolutions, lesser graphic capability than Pc gamers.

If the future target is console gamers and a box to connect to your TV, then i dont see any trouble at all with future resolution standards versus internet speed increase trends. Demand begets advances. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that. The entire world is crying out for high speed internet advances constantly, but not for lots of new high resolution video standards. Forget even landlines for a minute, what will real world performance of 4G be like for example? Latency will almost certainly be reduced massively. 4G hits next year. 5G within another 5 if the plan keeps rolling. Wireless networking will look to make great strides inside the next decade.

Its likely that the next generation consoles will simply standardise 1080p for games. Of course this is mere speculation but its most likely, assuming that these machines arrive in the next two years or so we arent exactly likely see a fundamental resolution shift in that short space of time. Also we dont really know how long the next generation of consoles will last, some companies claim that it could be a very long cycle (this generation is already set to be the longest) as processor technology begins to hit the silicon barrier.

Lots of variables. I personally believe however that internet speeds coupled with crucially- compression advances, inside a decade or so will be able to comfortably support 1920 x 1080 gaming on a service akin to Onlive

Greycat_James2981d ago

Were it supporting physical media as well as digital I think it could have done well. However I think the PSP go's failure speaks for itself. Digital only just allows publishers to be greedy and overcharge while buying from stores creates competition. I don't see people paying for this for long.

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