Personal Responsibility and MMORPGs

Chad Awkerman of DualShockers writes, "Life is full of responsibilities – from making good grades in school, to driving a car, to having bills to pay and a family to support. Making good decisions and learning from our mistakes is seemingly essential in the day to day activities of life. If you don’t make the right decisions, you will likely suffer the consequences – getting in an accident where people are injured or worse, divorce or having your utilities shut off for lack of payment.

Everyone is, for all intents and purposes, held to the same standards of personal responsibility and accountability in real life. But, what about the virtual world – the worlds so many people in today’s culture tend to slink away to in order to avoid the problems and pressures of that real life, even if for only a few fleeting moments? Is that same personal accountability and responsibility the norm in these realms, or the exception to the rule?"

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thevokillist3033d ago

There is no way that this guy will win his case. It was his own fault, he wanted to play the game for that long. If I was the judge, I was ask him to approach the bench and then I would slap him with my mallet.

jaredhart3033d ago

It's all about personal accountability. If not the game, he'd find something else to blame.

Ninferno3033d ago

this is a problem a lot of people have.

Hitman07693033d ago

This is a good question and interestingly enough is something that is on my mind lately as I'm considering to grab the Final Fantasy XIV and WoW games and dive right in, how would something like that effect the way I play other games and accomplish taking care of all the other responsibilities in life as well?

It's a tricky balance but in the end I agree that it's all up to the player to decide the degree of play that is best for them.

big_silky3033d ago

I've never played an MMO before but I'll be picking up DC Universe. If I get addicted it's my own damn fault. If I can quit smoking I'm certain I can quit playing a game.


haha i love mmorpgamers who is dead serious :D

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The story is too old to be commented.