RAGE Release Date Announcement Signals Shift In Game Production

id Software, the iconic team behind the Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake franchises, is currently working on their first new IP in over a decade, RAGE. The upcoming cross-genre title, largely considered a first-person shooter with driving and open world elements, was recently given a firm release date of September 13th, 2011 in North America. The announcement comes over a year prior to the planned launch, a rarity in an industry that tends to reveal launch details at the last possible second in production. id's release announcement shows a degree of consideration and planning that the larger gaming industry should work to adopt.

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mephman2980d ago

I did think it was rather odd that they'd announce the release date so far in advance.

N4GAddict2980d ago

Me neither. The game is more than a year away.

Hardedge2980d ago

Good read, but did they ever announce a release date for GT5 and then delay it? I thought they simply never spoke of it.

Coramoor_2980d ago

GT5 never did as far as i remember, I think there was a lot of speculation by journos and retailers, but i don't think they ever dated anything, although the prologue may have been delayed at some point

JDouglasGU2980d ago

with GT 5 it was more that they revealed the game, put out a ton of information and demos, then didn't really do anything it. sony just left everyone hanging, which is the problem.

ShawnCollier2980d ago

I wonder how many people are "raging" over the change? :p

Darkfiber2980d ago

Because of one game? I don't think so. People on the internet get so worked up over nothing.

Malebaria2980d ago

Not sure I like their approach for no IP for a decade but Rage´s looking phenomenal.
Doom 4 a safe bet for 2012 then?

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