Do Video Gamers Prefer Hard Copies or Digital Copies?

Lee Andrew Henderson: News about the top hit songs in the US will usually include facts about the number of downloads on Amazon or iTunes or the number of viewings on YouTube. The music industry has headed in a digital direction for some
time and now and other forms of entertainment may follow. Strangely the group that may be the last to go to digital copies is actually the group that people would expect it from the most, video gamers.

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xYLeinen2982d ago

I'm divided on the matter. At the moment I like my hard copies of my PS3 games, but in the future I don't think I will have a problem with digital copies. I'm totally okay with digital PSN games.

On my PC I get many of my games through steam and the transition from hard copies PC games to steam was no problem.

For many I think it comes down to "owning" the game. Having the hard copy makes a false feeling of owning the game where digital copy does not imo. But remember, you don't "own" the game with a hard copy. It's only a method to provide the content.

Montoya2982d ago

Hardcopy is nice to have. Digital prevents you from trading games you regret trading later.

HammockGames2982d ago

I like having a hard copy of games, like with most console games.

But I also love the convenience of having games all in one place, too, all on a massive HDD (ala Steam).

I don't generally trade or sell most games, so for me that isn't a big deal (if I question the quality I'll get or preorder something, then I might go for the hard copy)

My biggest objection to digital distribution is the occasional SLOW download server. I have a pretty fast internet connection & usually can download about 2 GB/hour on Steam.

But with Starcraft II (about 8 GB download at the time) it took nearly 36 hours to download - ridiculous, but not unexpected given the huge demand on their servers.

Oner2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I prefer owning something physical but like the convenience of digital (even more so if the price is discounted). If I had to choose one or the other it would be a hard copy.

longcat2982d ago

i prefer digital - but not at same price of hard copy.

I can buy, play and sell a game in 2 weeks and recover more than half of what i paid.

Digital need to be half priced for me

Baka-akaB2982d ago

i dont trade games anyway . And i many cases the boxes and collectors are rubbish ... so if they're is an actual cost upside , digital for me

Playerz82982d ago

My favorite quote from the article-"red rings of DOOM" Lol, what a fail.

darkequitus2982d ago

I have only bought 3 hardcopy games since the release of HL2 and Steam:

Gears of War PC, UT3 and Testdrive Unlimited and only because they were dirt cheap.

xYLeinen2982d ago

Digital copies seems to be very nice price wise on steam. There are sales very often and they are pretty darn good from time to time.

Guess this is a bigger issue with PS3 and Xbox 360. Hard copies are a lot cheaper than digital copies from my experience and both Microsoft and Sony are both pretty bad at sales at this point when it comes to digital copies.

HammockGames2982d ago

Steam sales are one of my vices.

I think I have 100+ games off of Steam now - most of those bought for a fraction of their retail price.

And to think - I was originally hesitant to buy digital. Now it's like crack to me!

longcat2982d ago

a lot of psn pricing has imprvoed - but some of that is due to apple competition

richierich2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Im cool with buying DLC on PSN and Live but I dont like the idea of games on demand on Xbox Live they are old games that are overpriced and not only do they fill up your hard drive they also take forever to download and add more to your download limit on your ISP.

metsgaming2982d ago

Will always prefer hard copies, i want to feel that im actually buying something and not just data.

DeeZee2982d ago

I prefer physical media. It makes me feel like I really own it...

metsgaming2982d ago

u said it better than i did, you dont feel ownership with digital copies

BannedForNineYears2982d ago

Same here. I haven't boughten a single PSN game. And I haven't sold a single retail physical PS3 game.

BannedForNineYears2982d ago

Errrrrrr, excuse my terrible grammar.
******I haven't bought. D:

PS3Freak2982d ago

While I do occasionally buy PSN games, I deffinetly prefer Physical media.

Darkfocus2982d ago

I like having a hard copy but not actually needing to use the disc to play

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