25 Things About Me: Scolar Visari Of Killzone

Game Podunk continues the "25 Things About Me" series, revealing the social life of our favorite video game characters and their list of 25 things about themselves - (of course) written from their point of view! Don't be too surprised to find the list filled with interesting facts about them, as well as the blanks that we filled in with our (crazy) imagination. We hope you'll have as much fun reading these as we've had writing them. Our next character is Scolar Visari, a vicious Helghast ruler from the Killzone Universe.

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Cevapi882982d ago

a man who favors the color pink...most terrifying part of that list

dredgewalker2981d ago

The SAS color their vehicles pink for desert use. But it would be more threatening to see pink Helghast troopers.

chidori6662981d ago

"24. I have just authorized the Helghan Administration to launch a full takeover of Microsoft Inc., on Earth. This means Killzone will be playable on your Xbox 360 and Halo will fall for good!"


metsgaming2981d ago

7. In my honor, General Joseph Lente would often hold public executions for those unfortunate souls caught playing Halo, which we also refer to as "non-believers."


aceofspades2981d ago

love that noise i hear when i kill someone...sounds like...CLIIINK

8-bit2981d ago

This PS3 theme includes sounds and when ever you hit X it makes that "CLIIINK" sound ;)

Rhythmattic2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

You have to sign up to surveys and crap to get that through F That.

Thats pretty much spam right there.

8-bit2981d ago

Use this wallpaper, it doesn't get in the way of the information box in the top right of the XMB.

aceofspades2981d ago


8-bit2981d ago

Thanks, it is seriously the best PS3 theme I have seen. I am happy to promote it

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The story is too old to be commented.