Namco’s latest Tales localization statement

Scrawl: "The battle for localization of Namco Bandai’s latest entries in the Tales franchise is ongoing. Facebook users are still spamming their wall daily asking for titles like Tales of Vesperia on PlayStation 3, Tales of Graces F, and the new 15th anniversary game (title still TBA).

Weeks of posting went by with no response from Namco, but today, they’ve spoken.

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sinncross2985d ago

Come on Namco... you can do better then that...

Yi-Long2985d ago

... many of the JRPG fans are already anime fans, and thus prefer their gaming in the original language anyway, instead of in a lame horrible dub.

Just add some english subs to the game, and you're done.

TBH, I feel developers should already add the english subs during the original production of the game (as an option), instead of going back in after the game is done and then inserting it...

Inferno2985d ago

Don't remind me of Star Ocean the last hope dubs....

Persistantthug2985d ago

There is no other sane explanation.

If Tales studio is going bankrupt, then obviously any normal person or company would have URGENCY, and try to sell their games and/or products to as many people as possible.

But not these guys.

The biggest selling game they've ever had was one that was released in America and in Europe.

These guys are not stupid...they know exactly what they are doing and are NOT doing.\

Adding English Text is easy.

They don't want outsiders playing their game....simple as that.

Redempteur2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

actually most studios aren't thinking about localisation while devellopping rpgs .. that's why they go back in order to help the localisation team in most cases

BUt that's not true with tales of games ..

i just wonder why namco just doesn't want to localise them this point i want the reason .

actually if i have to give examples .tales of destiny director cut was built with localisation in mind in the japanese version several people who openened it up found folder , and codes dedicated to a translation .. and i remember seeing the same thing when i openned tales of the world psp ( folder for languages ).
the reason why they don't support tales of games is because they just want result like the rpg of square enix and are disapointed everytime.

i mean they pretty much expected a succes for symphonia 2and it sold poorly because this wasn't what rpg fans wanted was an ok game ..but seriously didn't had the replay value , or the epicness of the original (nor the budget) ..and it bombed ..bad sales .. In fact they keep making bad decisions ... was that a good decision to delay the release in pal territories ? did we really wanted the spin-off of symphonia and not the more original titles ?

i have to say in localisation scamco is doing it all wrong ..

KiasuKiasiMan2985d ago

Actually, the Tales series has had a good history of good dubs for its mothership titles. E.G. Symphonia, Abyss and Vesperia all had good dubs. Vesperia was my favorite with English voiced-skits.

Persistantthug2984d ago


Only because at the moment, Tales Studio/Namco have a plausible excuse, as they have only released 1 game on a system that isn't region locked, and that game was tied into the XBOX 360, so perhaps by a small chance, it had to do with a contractual reason.

But Tales of Graces is getting a PS3 port, so I'll be expecting English text in the game seeing that the Tales studio has publicly stated it is going bankrupt.

I could hire a college student to get a Japanese to English translation in a mere weekend.
There's no excuse this time. Actions speak louder than words here.

Redempteur2984d ago

now it'll be said

if tales of graces have english text on ps3 ..then damn i'll import without a second thought.
i don't pin the fault on tales studio becuase they keep maing games that appeal with me but namco really is making some pretty stupid decisions overall that prevent tales studio from growing

"Actions speak louder than words here."
200% agree

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Simon_Brezhnev2985d ago

yeah i prefer subs. Yakuza 3 did pretty good for just subtitles

CrzyFooL2985d ago

Soooo, is it ever gonna happen?

KingNintendoFanboy2985d ago

By the time the next game comes out in Japan.

Jack-Pyro2985d ago

I wouldn't lose hope....but I wouldn't hold your breath either....

2985d ago
jc485732985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

on the poor sales. I blame the consumers with lack of taste. Mario or Halo is not the only game out there you know and who doesn't like cute anime characters???

Bobbykotickrulesz2985d ago

"who doesn't like cute anime characters???"


I find them incredibly childish and retarded. I could barely take Vesperia seriously for that reason alone. The only thing that kept it relatively tolerable was Yuri.

FarEastOrient2985d ago


So what does that make of Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Metroid,
Banjo Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, and Final Fantasy?

[email protected]2985d ago

I do hope for at least 2 of those 3 tittles to get a localization over US sometime late this year or early next year or Namco it gonna lost a fan of their franchise for sure.

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