Digital Foundry vs. PSJailbreak

Digital Foundry: "It's real. Almost four years after its launch, the PlayStation 3's much vaunted security has finally been completely and unequivocally compromised. Within weeks, if not days, PS3 users willing to pay an exorbitant premium have the option of copying all the games they own - and any they don't - onto hard disk, and nothing stops them from spreading them across the internet. The question is, how can Sony fight back? Can new firmware updates keep the platform holder one step ahead of the hackers?"

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Lucreto2980d ago

"I know how it works, which is amazingly clever. But Someone has effectively sold Sony down the river.There will be implications for developers. They will be asked to re-register and the keys will be changed. There will be a patch that modifies the PS3's boot sequence. No functionality should be lost, but it will be an ongoing battle.Sony will also include code on retail discs that requires the new FW for them to run. They'll easilly have that sorted by the time GT5 releases."

Faztkiller2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

A PS3 developer I follow on twitter seems to think it going to be easy for Sony to fix with firmware.

At least I think he's talking about this PS3 mod stuff

nickjkl2980d ago

this will be much easier to fix than the psp though and even the psp firmware crowd is slowing down

the difference that makes it easier is that psp they fully hacked it and had full control over firmware this one they have almost no control over the system

red2tango2980d ago

lol he also tweeted that it was done on a debug console so what's the point of listening to his opinion now?

ColJessup2980d ago

Sony patch for this incoming in 3.....2.....1....

r1sh122979d ago

clearly a sony developer would say that..
You are very smart for trusting his opinion

Faztkiller2979d ago

well its not like he works for Sony he is PS3 Platform Lead at DICE

sikbeta2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

lol so, Sony can fix this crap with patches and make this whole stuff a freaking waste of time for hackerz, poor of them...

ChozenWoan2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Basically someone applied to be a PS3 dev, got the key, and gave the info to a friend who happens to be a "hacker".

Hacker takes the key and Copy/Pastes it onto more USBs and declares it a hack... but it's not. This was a valid developers key that's now running rampant in the wild. That is all.

Sony is now likely going to issue out new keys, each with an identifiable code. So when they patch the PS3 firmware to kill this dev key, the devs wont be hurt.

At the same time, if a new key shows up, Sony will be able to trace it back to the dev who allowed it into the wild. Any small dev studios will likely be shut down, while any major studios will likely be fined harshly.

Anyone using this key will likely need to take their PS3 offline for good. Otherwise it will be killed by a firmware update. Also, newer games will likely be protected against this form of hack, so only the current library of games will be usable.. which is a great library don't get me wrong, but so much more is coming that it will pale in comparison soon.

Ohh and the PS3 still remains unhacked! =p

HSx92979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

You dont know how it works at all, it's basically a manipulated code that was supposed to launch something else, lets say you wanted to install a demo of "Batlefield 1943", basically they changed the code, so instead of launching the installation for that game, they changed it to their product, it's really not that hard, except I still don't understand some concepts.
See when my team tries to launch it via our method, we get the file, but when we try to install we get a corrupted file error.
I'm thinking since the USB is not a PS3 it can run unsigned codes which you can't run IN the PS3, but perhaps it can be imported, I'll give you guys an update if I find out how to successfully trigger this without wasting $170

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Thecraft19892980d ago

The problem is Sony can't stop using this as used to repair corrupted ps3's. Sony have Just gone made same mistake they made psp as it was there fault Pandora battery was made becuase they left service M2 card in a psp.

Silly gameAr2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Dude. You're all over this in almost every jailbreak topic. Can't wait huh?

ActionBastard2980d ago

Once again in readable English. Or whatever native language you speak.

Nitrowolf22980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

um no, they can use this device to fix broken PS3 before the patch, then when patches release and those PS3 that have broken before they updates will be repaired with this then updated to work with the new one that they will use. Not that hard to fix
i mean they can just wip up a new device for PS3 with different codes and ect

morganfell2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

They certainly can stop this. They can shift to a share based unit that is secured at repair facilities and consists of closed loop hardware in the place of a USB stick.

On top of that, if the purported USB stick used in the videos is indeed stolen property, get ready for someone to go to jail. The theft, due to cost implications alone will be charged as a felony.

As stated above it is developers that will feel the heat first.



"...“no person shall circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title.”


Wikipedia explanation of DMCA:

If you read the DMCA you will see they are in clear violation and are going to get into legal trouble. I wish them all the misery in the world. And yes, the very act of what they are doing is illegal whether they sell the USB sticks or not. The fact they are operating in a profit based scenario is just icing on the jailbird cake.

PirateThom2980d ago

I've made this point on a few forums now and no one seems to be able to give a direct answer....

While "jailbreaking" has been deemed ok, where does the reverse engineering of stolen properly lie? Because, essentially, that's what this is. At the very least, it's grounds to shut down the site these are being sold from and, at worst, if they can trace down stolen USB stick, someone is in for a hell of a lot of legal trouble.

dragonelite2980d ago

I just say where data can flow pirates will come with it.
This is a just a small stream of data that will only get worse.

Perhaps first a way to only need to use the usb one time.
Then custom firmware there after it will be easy to keep up.
Just look at jtagged 360 they can even get free arcade games.

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Lekumkee2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

The cool thing about this is the guys that' created this device will in turn get f*cked over by the pirates in China. Once China gets a hold of this thing it'll be cheaply massed produced. That's why they are selling it for $140 to $180, they want to make as much money as they can before China gets a hold of this thing. But, the real sh*tty part is Sony losses either way.

socomnick2980d ago

Yup just like the r4 chip started it all. Ill wait for these usb dongles to cost 30-50 before I get one.

g5bay2980d ago

i heard the prototype was made china

steve30x2979d ago

They will need all the money they can get for the court battle.

raztad2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Sony is lucky the hackers were desperate to sell this stuff ASAP. This way the big hitters like GT5, Black Ops will be properly patched for the inevitable FW upgrade.

I recommend dudes wanting to run games for free, to unplug their units and no FW upgrade. There is a very nice library of old games for you to enjoy. I'll be playing KZ3 multiplayer day one baby if you know what I mean.

TROLL EATER2980d ago

cue the battle of firmware vs custom firmwares

rbanke2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Its pretty interesting that all this doesn't really boil down to hacking the ps3, but simply someone stealing and reverse engineering a legitimate Sony tool. So technically the ps3 has not been hacked, a device used on the ps3 has lol.

commodore642980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

omg did you REALLY just say that?

Just so you can go to sleep at night and tell yourself:
"Noooo... the ps3 is unhackable"?


rockleex2979d ago

Whether you like it or not.

Its like the difference between taking someone's key to open their house compared to breaking into their house without the key.

dredgewalker2979d ago

That expression definitely fits the situation. You can't call it hacked cause basically it was Sony's own device that enabled the jailbreak. The dongle wasn't even designed by the so-called hackers and was stolen property from Sony. You can't call it lock picking if you used the owners key!

maxcer2979d ago

that's what a "hack" is. if you expect a person to modify a ps3 without sony's own tools/software you'll never get results. just like the PSP and Ps2 "hackers" have been using the systems own exploits to get things done.

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gamerzBEreal172980d ago

man when gamers get happy that they will have to pay $60 a game from now on you know they have a problem GUYS FREE GAMES!!!!! wtf is wrong with you? this could lead to games being more money but that didn't happen with microsoft? they still have gears halo forza and alot of great excluseives they still manage to cut prices devs still make excluseives for there console they still get alot of sales on games and consoles why not let this happen?

timemuffin2979d ago

I'm more than happy to pay $60 for a game. I've probably purchased around 50 games day one at $60 this gen. Do you know how I was able to do that? I have a job and am successful. Only losers with some sort of backwards welfare sense of entitlement would think that pirating games was ok or a cool thing to do. What are you saying about yourself? ("CMON GUYZ, FREE GAMES!!!!") Let me answer that for you. Your saying that you feel people shouldn't get a premium, or any return for that matter, for their hard work. Your saying that the fact that you want it but can't afford it means that you should get it for free anyway so your going to steal it.
You're a sub par pesron in every way.

Christopher2980d ago

Most relevant part of the article, IMHO:

"Bearing in mind that PSJailbreak is retailing for upwards of $130, there's a very strong possibility that this may well be the most expensive and short-lived hack ever made, and factoring in the simplicity of the hardware, the very high price seems almost reminiscent of a smash-and-grab raid on users intent on piracy no matter what the cost. The makers of PSJailbreak are charging so high a price because the window of opportunity in terms of exclusivity and the longevity of the hack itself is potentially very small. "

DigitalAnalog2980d ago

I wonder if the upcoming firmwares to combat PSJailbreak will affect games similar to the 3.0FW that froze Uncharted:DF and some early titles.

-End statement

darkziosj2979d ago

true article is true, too bad ps3 fanboys will start whining

vhero2979d ago

Hardly any will sell at that price point most people will be waiting for 2 things.
1. A cheaper version (theres gonna be loads)
2. To see if Sony blocks it within weeks and if not and it's cheap enough they will buy.

WiiPS3beats3602979d ago

PS3 hackers found dead
cause unknown

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Desz2980d ago

Very good explanation.

steve30x2979d ago

Unless the console is forced to install the new firmware with this jailbreak it wont be affected because this jailbreak stops new firmware from being installed.

NexGen762979d ago

Thank you steve that what most people here are not getting it stop FW from being installed or updated...This isn't a walk in the park for Sony & its going to take them a while just to come up with a solution for this.

vhero2979d ago

You cannot play online unless you have latest firmware. I would call that forcing.. Also newer games will require it .

Close_Second2980d ago

You can just see all the low lives coming out of the woodwork to steal PS3 games now. They'll use the same old excuses that games are too expensive or they would not have purchased the game anyway...blah, blah, blah. End of the day they just try to justify being a thief.

If nothing else I hope Sony can block anyone with a modded console playing on-line.

MajestieBeast2980d ago

Hell they should just yellow light every pirate.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

There's only one thing about this and probably is a good thing, and Sony know this.

The PS3 Sales will burst to the sky.


''Yet software sales will suffer.''

As Wii and Xbox 360?

Malebaria2980d ago

Yet software sales will suffer.

HeroXIV2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

No. Not when the device is $99/$170AUS... I doubt they've (the ozmodc*nts) sold triple figures yet. It's going to be patched extremely quickly and users will HAVE to update as firmware updates are included on-disc. So pirates can only play older PS3 games.

Holeran2980d ago

Yes this will lead to a big increase in ps3 units sold, but at the same time it will have a very negative impact on the amount of software sold. Not only will this affect sonys pocketbook in terms of money not being recieved from thier own developers exclusives but it will also affect the games being made because some software developers don't want to spend thier time and money on something that will get stolen.

Nitrowolf22980d ago

Guys Sony could patch this up in as little as a week, But why not take advantage of this opportunity? Sony should just lay back and see the hardware sales sky rocket and while they are at it sneak in a FW on new shiped model that render this device useless. Pirate will spend the money on the device only to find out there new ps3 won't recognize it.

pork_chop_express2979d ago

That is actually quite a good idea :) alot better than "ban waves" that are so popular on other consoles.

RedDragan2979d ago

I completely disagree with you. Theives should be banned.

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Wolf8732980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Government could cut down on the absurd amount of taxes they take from salaries and keep people happy. I was looking over the taxes we'd be paying, and it honestly hurts my insides. Maybe they can allocate some percentage of the money they put into army and weapon's research and put it to good use. I must say I try to understand those who make few dollars, and its easy to see. Stock boys or low-level workers don't make enough, and get much taken out of their salaries that they are torn between choices. So few resort to pirating to enjoy such forms of entertainment, otherwise it'd be a pretty dismal life for them as they too have their priorities (family etc). People who abuse well-fare can too help to relieve the system of this but it's a wishful thinking.

I think its shortsighted to call everyone who pirates a "low-life", but if you can afford it say maybe one game in two or three months time, then yes stick to buying. Plan it out, buy what you think is better investment, and perhaps find alternatives that aren't illegal, such as used games.

It's easy to understand both sides of the argument, and both raise good points. Cold logic would have us believe one side is clear winner in this debate, but as a human being, it's pretty hard to single out the other side.


360 and Wii have been suffering from Piracy for some time now, but they continue to make games for those systems. It just means, the numbers will go down. It's hard to imagine studios would deny making games.

*Reply with a disagree please.

Holeran2980d ago

I would never disagree unless it was something I disagreed with. I don't disagree with what you said but at the same time we can only guess that at some time it may affect the quality of some software.

RedDragan2979d ago

Shut up Wolf. We all have to pay tax for these low lifes anyway. A ban would be great and even jail for theft!

Wolf8732979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I guess you're one of those naive people who only see the world as Black and White when there's obviously more to it. I wasn't defending those pirates who pirate to inflict damage to the system which might be considered horrendous, but those unfortunates who are desperate. And I did mean that we shouldn't have to pay for those abusers of well-fare. There's a difference, so take that attitude of yours somewhere else and try to see things from different point of view, not just your own.

vhero2979d ago

I agree if it don't get blocked ps3 game sales will suffer console sales will rocket though.. Sony announce not long ago they have the highest attach rate right now and that was all down to piracy on the other 2 contenders.

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