GameZone - Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi review

Launched last year, Hearts of Iron III was the latest title in Paradox’s WWII strategy franchise, offering up some deep strategy elements for die-hard gridheads with an interest in World War II. Now, Paradox has launched the first official expansion to the game, Hearts of Iron III: Semper Fi.

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rezznik2980d ago

Will they ever make a good WWII game that's not a RTS or strategy game?? No, Operation Darkness does not count.

athmaus2980d ago

i really hate this series.....

DarkBlade46582980d ago

Yea...same here. I could never see the appeal in these types of games.

pr0digyZA2980d ago

Dont you need a masters degree to play this game :p

DemonStration2979d ago

I never even heard of this series until this review.