Move is Good, Gran Turismo 5 is Very Good. Sony is Having a Great Time at GamesCom

Sony is having a whale of a time at GamesCom; the Playstation Move has won Best Hardware Accessory at GamesCom, while Gran Turismo 5 won two awards including Game of Show. All of this on top of booming sales, but for how long will Sony’s bubble remain un-burst?

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Montoya3008d ago

"Move is Good, Gran Turismo 5 is Very Sony is Having a Great Time a GamesCom"

Move is Good, Gran Turismo 5 is Very Sony. End it there.

Agent-863008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Actually, the title is correct in the article: "Move is Good, Gran Turismo 5 is Very Good. Sony is Having a Great Time at GamesCom". Somehow, the title got corrupted in the translation over to N4G.

Edit: Looks like the title has been somewhat corrected, but now the "a" and "at" are reversed: "Sony is Having at Great Time a GamesCom".

TheStonedSheep3007d ago

Sorry, me/N4G/internet really messed up there, but now everything is fixed, and thank you @Agent-86 for liking my article.

DA_SHREDDER3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Who ever thought this game wouldn't be good? Even the older GT games have aged well.

Edit: @Agent

I totally agree with you man. I would pick a Wii over Kinect any day.

Agent-863008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Despite the problems N4G had with importing the correct title of the article, the author does make some good points. Sony did have a very good Gamescom and is on a roll. Obviously, to the core gamer and gaming press, Sony Move is the best choice of motion controllers. We'll have to see how the Kinect does with casual audience after the Wii cuts its price to $150. Kinect could be in real trouble, if it fails to connect with the casual gamers, since it really has no appeal to core gamers. At least Sony didn't forget its core audience and made the Move very easy to incorporate into a wide variety of genres and not limited to dance, fitness, and Wii-party games like the Kinect.

3008d ago
dredgewalker3007d ago

Well that news is certainly bad for my wallet. Man what a complete turn over since 2007 where the PS3 was said to be doomed, but since they started the momentum in 2008 they've been getting better and better each year. I can't wait for goodies next year will bring.

RumbleFish3007d ago

PS3 is good since Motorstorm. Never had a boring day with PS 3 though people said "it has no games."

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