THQ Expands "Online Pass" to SvR 2011

THQ will be taking its "online pass" like system that debuted with UFC 2010 to WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011. A code will be included in new copies of the game that grants access to online play. Used copies will need to pay $10 to play online.

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Montoya3033d ago

"online pass" LOL.

All I got say is people better watch what they support in gaming right now. Choices now can/will determine the future and gaming is a massively growing sector of media that is now being supported by people who have "bigger" ideas for it.

spacetattoo3031d ago

It's only when you buy used, maybe don't support gamestop and you won't have this problem. new ideas of how to screw the customer are all coming from buying used, so blame your self for being cheap.

spacetattoo3031d ago

Well what do you expect, a lot of game companies can't afford to take hugh loses. some games will be great but don't get the advertisement they need.

I always buy new so this won't affect me. I think that they have to do something, gamestop is ripping everyone off. give people junk for there games and then resell them for 5 to 10 bucks at the most cheaper. so what are you really saving or costing the industry as a whole.

your costing a lot of software companies to not be creative and go with what they know will sell and not being original. One game can cripple a software company. expecially when
game stop takes away 25 to 50 percent of there sales.

So blame game stop when you start getting raped over the coals.

One thing I will not support is pay to play( like a monthly subscription to a certain game).

If you buy used YOUR hurting the industry and should think about what your doing before you do it. if your not sure about a game, rent it or play the demo.

One thing about gamestop is that it has got to big. if it was you selling games to your buddy and that is it, then it would be fine. game stop has made buying used games like a wal-mart store, you don't think there will be a backlash to this.

Stop being a cheap arse and buy the games you love new. if the owner of that company is a douche, don't buy the game, for instance bobby kotick.

TheIrishBeast3030d ago

Well said space tattoo, great comment, I totally agree, bubbles for you. I am really excited for this game this year for some reason, I have all the WWE games on 360 and all the achievements in each.

I respect the "project ten dollar" or "online pass" idea, as it's sad to see companys closing, especially here in the UK with the fiasco at Realtime Worlds.

I actually felt bad getting the DLC for Alan Wake for free, its such a great game, and it has underperformed at retail badly, I would have happily payed 800msp for The Signal.

Bottom Line support the games companys you love and buy new! Gamestop in the US and GAME in the UK are poisoning the industry with their pre-owned strategy.