Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Story Mode Cinematic, Free-Roam Video

The video features a cinematic of Pain destroying the Leaf Village and Sage Naruto arriving at the scene. Also shown is video of Naruto and Sakura from free-roam mode.

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xYLeinen2982d ago

Looks great. You want to say for those who not have neither read the Naruto manga or seen the Naruto anime, you should do that if you plan on picking up this game.

It will drastically increase your enjoyment of the game I think imo.

Yi-Long2982d ago

... for a very long time now, and still.

However, it's a shame the 'free-roam' is now changed to this new kind of isometric view (kinda 'old' Resident Evil style), instead of the top-down 3rd person view free-roam of the last game and of the 360 games...)

It still looks amazing, and very much 'alive', but it's a bit of a disappointment. I wanted to run through Konoha and jump around and over buildings etc etc...

Still a day-one must-buy for me though.

xYLeinen2982d ago

Yea I agree on the free roam to an extend. It's hard for me to make up a firm decision based on the little I saw. Perhaps the game is more battle focused and you get the chance to do less free roam, I dunno.

I think I would prefer the top-down 3rd person free roam. Time will tell.

Redempteur2982d ago

i prefe rthis style rather than the ONe city hub the first had was fun for the first hours but then i grew tired of the same thing ... at least now you really feel like changing locations

Old_Boss2982d ago

IMO shippuden is far better than the original it has explained a lot of things in a genius way especially


itaci's past and jiraya's past with nagato


I'm patiently waiting for episode 174 now

PS;the sage of the six paths looks epic to the point i made him my avatar

RedPawn2982d ago

I totally agree with your first statement. I will say thought if we never got to see the progression of the characters and the world they live in, it would of felt a little less grand.

Masashi Kishimoto is but one master at telling stories.

dc12982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

--Spoiler free--
While your spoiler statements are true (Very good stuff and fantastic writing) -

We have to remember that we cannot fully appreciate Shippuuden without the original series. In fact I would argue that the primary reason why you (we) are so impressed by Shippuuden is because of the time invested into the story and characters associated in the original.

With that said.. This game could not be released soon enough!!!!!

rdgneoz32981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Yep, gotta agree. Shippuden Going into the past of several ways was done well and gave new perspectives on some of the characters. As for the game, love the cinematic they did, was hoping it would be up to there at least in the anime, not like other games that stop way early on what the American dubs have gotten to. Also, glad to see they're going and adding online to the game, was one of the few things missing from the first. Though I miss the free-roam of the first game, was so much fun jumping around and having shadow clones I think throw me far off into the distance.

p.s. Can't wait till episode 174 as well.

Anime-Vixen2982d ago

It looks amazing. I can't wait to beat up all you guys online with my girl Ino!

HelghastKid2982d ago

Lmao i swear you are just a guy who tries really hard to fulfill every stereotype of a female. Every female anime fan i know thinks Ino is a trash groupie character. But hey your comments are funny so keep doing what you do

rdgneoz32981d ago

Hinata is much better as a character and as a fighter than Ino.
Hell, she took on Pain while Ino was crying.

ThanatosDMC2982d ago

So it's not really open world then. But it's nice to actually explore and there's actually more NPCs walking around and people to talk to unlike the first. I hope it's subbed in english while keep the japanese voices intact.

despair2982d ago

It will have the original Japanese voices and subtitles, they confirmed it before.

HelghastKid2982d ago

If it wasnt for a certain console gimping us this wouldn't have happened! lol jk

But yea this is like how it was in Ultimate ninja 2, which is disappointing because i really wanted to explore like i did in UNS :(

rdgneoz32981d ago

Yah, exploration in the first game was fun as hell. Jumping around, and exploring all the areas, and finding all the little hidden items.

jetlian2981d ago

like the fully loaded towns from the gimped system. With real 3d platforming

Styile2982d ago

It kinda looks like the free roaming got dumbed down though...maybe because of the 360s disk Not trying to be a fanboy or anything, just being serious...

jetlian2981d ago

like this funny how we got any entire world and you got 1 town lol

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