Gran Turismo 5 Takes Top Honors at Gamescom While Move Trounces Kinect

PSLS: "Sony certainly brought their A-game when to comes to Gamescom domination, as they not only brought the goods game-wise, but managed to acquire a major title which was previously exclusive to the 360, show that the PlayStation Move is the ideal motion controller for the hardcore gamer, and rack up the conference’s highest honors in the process."


Source site changed "Gran Turismo 5" to "GT5" in title.

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MaximusPrime3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

must be the best ever Gamescom show.

Glad Sony has delivered once again. Not just Gamescom but at E3 and TGS too

looking forward to GT5.

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zootang3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

TGS will be bigger than both E3 and Gamescom. I've just got a feeling

I would like for Ps3:
The last gaurdian release date
Final Fantasy Versus 13 release date
Demon Souls 2
Monster hunter HD
Persona 5
Okami Move support!
(dreaming) Afrika 2: The Rift Valley


Sept sometime.

mushroomwig3008d ago


It will be for me if they show off some The Last Guardian and SOTC/ICO footage.


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SephireX3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

The PS3 has too many good games coming out next year already. Last Guardian may not release until 2012 because of this. Next year these games will/might release for PS3: Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3 (maybe), Versus XIII, Demon Souls 2 (maybe), ME2, MGSR, Crysis 2, Rage, FFXIV, Agent or GTA5 (maybe), Resident Evil 6 (maybe), Dead Space 2, MW3, Elder Scrolls V (maybe) and last but not least, Twisted Metal. Now I've left out a bunch of games but you get the picture. Who has the time/money to even play half of these games next year? If someone tells me that the PS3 hasn't any games, dear God I'll shoot them. The PS3 is the premium console because of this, hands down.

cobblestone193007d ago

The Last Guardian is my most anticipated game. SOTC and ICO are both in my personal top 10 games ever! I can't wait for TGS!!!!!

0mega43007d ago

it shows how different the world views ps3 versus how the us views the xbox

as even though every thing coming out of gamescom was not good about kinect
e3 they could not stop praising the hardware

i guess thats what happens when you offer free xbox's to the press to create a media bias

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sinclaircrown3008d ago

Sony has really produced some great stuff this Gen. I don't care when it comes to who "wins" these "console wars" I think the 360, PS3 and Wii has been a great generation for everyone.

Wii gave the casual gaming market a huge boom.

360 and PS3 have both had some great exclusives.

Motion controls is good if you're into it, so Move and Kinect will have its day. If you don't like em' don't buy em. We'll still be spoiled with great games on these consoles and then again next gen.

This gen has even been great for fanboys. Can't stand reading their comments myself, but they enjoy it for some reason.

Gamers win.

Fan Tastic3008d ago

It's been obvious to everybody for a long time that Move trounces Kinect.

As for GT5 taking best of show, not a surprise either. Forza 3 with all of its DLC packs (how much did you fork out for everything?) still doesn't scratch the surface as to the content included in GT5.

Then of course the actual gameplay, graphics and the rest that completely decapitates Forza 3..

Can Forza 3 do more than 8 cars at once yet? I know the cars can do magic tricks like stand on their nose (that is one area that the GT5 game fails to deliever, magic cars :( )

number473008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

16 cars
Track Editor
Dust/Dirt/Grass particles
8mp photomode

lol.. just kidding.

Turn10 has no desire to create the title that Polyphoy has. They aren't die hard racing enthusiasts, racers, or even car fans. They remind me of the Fast & Furious type of culture. Paintjobs & Exotics are the highlight. Then half the guys playing can't even slow down for a turn in GT.

Forza's had damn near 5 years to animate the vehicle spoilers on their cars. Increase the car detail & in game count. They havent.

If they can't do something as simple as that What the hell makes people think that if they spent more time, they would do anything close to the level of detail GT has done? Come on now, Gaf just found that the jaguar images have custom serial #'s on the engine plate in gran turismo. Turn10 are the guys that shipped a game without hand animations & broken car cockpits(Veryon)? Yeah.. No one will ever know. They wont ever spend the time PD has spent.

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bartbart3008d ago

Who cares about animating spoilers when the game is fun and looks fine?

PD has spent a LOT of time polishing GT5 and it shows. They should be commended. That does NOT mean that Turn10 should be condemned. I really don't get why people like you have to bash a game just because it is in the same genre as a game you enjoy. Sad schoolyard behavior should not be encouraged.

zootang3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Number 47 don't bring Forza up to GT's level, please. Forza wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Gran Turismo.

doG_beLIEfs3007d ago

The saddest part is....Forza got what a 90+ or more from metacritic? Yet GT5 has it beaten hands down on everything and MORE....much MORE. Yet more than likely we will only see a 2 or 3% INCREASE in metacritic score. So using that logic GT5 will only be 4% better than Forza.


That game got a FREE ride from the still as of then BIASED game reviewers.


aceitman3007d ago

yes they should, and only because the put gt5 down, and bragged about there the best and how many games they came out with before gt5came out . and thats y they should be condemned

number473007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Firstly, Who cares about animated spoilers?

I don't know.. Car Fans?

You just get used to it since its a feature in games from need for speed to pc sims. It was used as an example of glarring problems with the series that aren't touched. I noticed none of you refuted the incorrect cockpits either. Just take a journey on down to Forza's forums to see the folks who are unhappy with things, don't take my word for it.

Ratings have nothing to do with Forza's lack of features. Its a car sim. Not an action adventure game. Car sims have X amount of feasible features to include. Across PC-Consoles. GT just has more. The only thing to do in Car sims is improve on the car models & tracks, GT's ahead in this field as well. Competition online, GT has 16. Forza has 8 cars, as did 2. It has low polygon models of cars in-game. Which is what I said, which none of you are addressing. Just going into personal attack mode, which is fine, but it will never change the fact that Forza is a rushed game with low polygon cars, disapearing tracks, damage thats the same every time you hit that part of the car, etc. Perfection, what part of forza could be called forza? The loading times, or the lag when a notification pops up?

Again, Turn10 has no intention to create what Polyphony has done, many developers dont. Which is why GT is always in a leauge of its own. Its all I said.

Alan Wake was a undeniably meh, which is why Xbox fans turned their back on it and didn't buy it. Just like Crackdown. It wasn't shipped with halo, and it was the exact same game as the second. I'd love for you to list what Forza3 does to 'perfection':

"Why are about 50% of the Race car dashes STILL BROKEN!?!?!?!?!

After all these months. with all the stuff incomplete or flatout broken. im rapidlly losing faith in T10

Freezing during load screen in free race modes on various tracks,

cars listed wrongly in some categories, eg ford falcon race car is Australian not American, yet is listed as American,

decal placement problems and poor lighting when placing decals

missing sideskirt option on Honda CRX

wrong front bumper on CRX del sol, should be JDM style since its listed as Japanese wouldnt you think?

Honda = Japanese in the game, JDM = right hand drive, yet some Hondas are "wrong hand drive"

sound will lock at a certain rpm and then cut in suddenly at some stage during play, on and offline.

The Challengers still don't have braking lights.

Forza3 could hardly be described as great, not even by its own community who is pissed that they canceled the DLC, lied about the Photomode & detail of the cars, as well as features. But since reviews say its good, that must mean everyone else unhappy with the game freezing is a liar. And apparently, none of these people exist right?

Turn10 talked a lot of smack, and delivered a 2.5 version of their game. You use forza like pepsi.

For when you don't have coke.

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Fan Tastic3007d ago

I agree with DK286K when he said:

"Everything it [Forza]sets out to do is done to near perfection"

I agree 100%

Forza set out to have 8 cars and made it (despite the competition have twice that).
Forza set out to have far inferior graphics
Forza set out to have ridiculous physics where cars can dance around the screen on their nose

"You hate Forza because it pushed the GT series to second place in terms of quality"

LOL, this is just too funny to even come up with something witty, it reads idiotically enough on its own :D

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number473007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

@ Dk "So, you believe 100% without a doubt that EVERYTHING that you copied from that page is correct?

Well then, I'll go on the same site and look at all of the praise that Forza gets. I'll see how many people say that Forza is the best driving sim. You'll believe that 100% too since it comes from the same site, right? "


You'd belive it because the developers/moderators acknowle and participate in the bugs section and commit to fixing the problems.

People also post videos, and screenshots.

But then again, Turn10 said Forza3 was definitive. But thank god, much like the case for F3. theres videos.

This is like arguing with a 2 year old.

"GT has twice as many cars on the track - I don't deny that. However, Nascar 09 has 43 cars on the track. Wow, that must make it the greatest racing game ever! LOL "

No, It just means that even they can manage to push more than 8 cars in a game, and yet Turn10 cant. Ignoring the fact that GT has detailed cars of different types (not just low polygon nascar models found in 09), its not the quantity thats the issue. its the fact that Turn10 can't push more than 8 lower-detailed cars in their game at 720p, where as PD does 16 high detailed interiors and exteriors in 720p+.

Opinion isn't the fact that Forza3 dumbs down the car from Menu, to when you start the race (cameras flashing around car, thats ahigher polygon model) then when you are actuall in game (its yet another reduced version of the car). The only time you see the medium res car, is when you watch a replay, or the menu. But you never experience any detail in-game. Since you love youtube so much, you can find it online. Checkout the Forza 2 and 3 in-game comparissons too that Beyond3d did.

number473007d ago

While I'm mad that I had to waste time at work for this but here you go.

My opinion isn't that Forza3 swaps out HIGH detail model with visible cockpits, for low polygon cars.

You can see for yourself if you own the game.

three level of detail in the game:

1- Super high poly (10x more than FM2) = menus, selection screen, photomode, etc.
2- Medium quality (more polys than FM2) = Pre race rotating cameras.
3- Low poly models (about the same than FM2 or little enhaced) = In-game car models

And do I really have to prove to you that GT5 has more detail than NASCAR09 & Forza3 at this point? You know its a fact, unless you're just willfully blind. GT5 has higher detail than forza3. Ingame & In Photo mode. You're just denying it for the sake of doing so at this point. I mean look at the 8mp photomode shots from GT compared to forza3.

BABY-JEDI3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Turn 10 will probably be playing GT5 more than Forza 4 (obviously when F4 comes out)

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doG_beLIEfs3007d ago

"That's the way it is in GT too."

Each car in gt5p contained about 250,000 polys. Gt5 each car contains 500,000 polys. how many polys for forza? yeah...thats what i thought.

Kazunori said so himself in different interviews. you can look it up yourself if you want to know the truth...if you want to keep lying to yourself....go right ahead.

it does not take anyone special to SEE with their eyes how much BETTER and more DETAILED the cars look in gt5.

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DK286Kincognito3007d ago

Here is the link.....

here is the quote from the MAN himself

Kazunori Yamauchi: “We had maybe 300 polygons in a car in the first game. Now we have about 500,000 polygons in each car. Back then, pieces of the car were more like symbols. Now they are real and reflect light.”

Good enough for you?

I thought so

killedinaction93007d ago

rofl at all the GT fanboys.
i loved GT4 but there is something really wrong with you guys.
Forza 3 is in MY OPINION the best racing sim to come to consoles yet.
Im looking forward to GT5 aswell but im not sure if im gonna love it more than forza.Im definitely not gonna see epic crashes like this,which is a shame

Denethor_II3007d ago

DK286K I've played Forza 3 (albeit the demo) on 'realistic settings' and found it to be nothing but an arcade racer. The thing I disliked about it the most was, the way it tried so hard to be like GT5; it simply failed. People that defend the game tend to be '360 only' players as they are unable to play 'The Real Driving Simulator'.

Gamer tag: Denboy UK ;)

bartbart3003d ago

Forza is more of an arcade racer than gt5

And you know what?

The GT series is very arcadey compared to some of SIMBIN's offerings on PC.

Does that mean it's bad all of a sudden since it isn't the most realistic?

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TheLastGuardian3008d ago

Does GT5 have move support?

nikoado3008d ago

It uses the PS Eye for "headtracking", i.e. change view in game my moving your head slightly.

I don't think it uses the actual Move controller though.

8-bit3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

It does have Move support. There is supposed to be a wheel for the Move controller

btk3008d ago

Would be daft. Why would I want to use a wand / Move / Wiimote when I can use a steering wheel? Leave that type of experiments for Kinect. Head tracking adds some value but is not a deal breaker.

jneul3007d ago

@btk because move is precise and accurate unlike kinect/wii, but most of us will use the proper steering wheel solution

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zeeshan3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

My God! How things have changed (comparing it with 2006). Sony's really doing a fantastic job! All these exclusives! I am telling ya, SONY already has more of my money than I do! Ps3, Brvia, PS3 exclusives, third party games... yikes!

Immortal3213007d ago

I think it's pretty obvious that if you're a core gamer who checks out the latest gaming news via online or magazines, you're pretty much into the ps3.

I get the feeling the majority of this site is not ps3 fanboys but core gamers like myself.

bjornbear3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

coming from

playstationuniversity. net

seriously =P i don't doubt it does! at all kinect so far has been POS after POS but...come on =P

either way, seems like sony have dominated gamescom =D

i feel so sad i am parted from my PS3 until december =( im going to save up n buy GT5,LBP2 and god knows what else when i get it back n give it some luvin! =D

@ trexman89: yes, happened to me. i do have fanboy rants but way more a.holes in here have 5 bubbles and troll all day every day n here i am with 1 bubble.

im not pathetic enough to make a new account...i'll just accept the communities decision, and talk less

vhero3007d ago

Hmm a bit on topic (as its in the article) but off topic (from the description) I am more pumped for Guild Wars 2 more than Crysis/Move/Kinect put together.

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Sev3008d ago

Doesn't surprise me. Move is absolutely incredible.

GT5 is known for quality.

Trexman893008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

agreed. I'll refrain from a fanboy rant about Kinect for fear of being down bubbled into oblivion.

Ps3isSsTheBeStt3008d ago

Sony is The Master of gaming
So many AAA Games

GusBricker3008d ago

Playstation has always been the king in Europe.

vhero3007d ago

I agree that's why Sony should push it more in Europe like MS do in America. Ms knows where there sales lie so spend more money on America than Europe and reap the rewards. Sony should do the same with Europe and really push the boat.

Doc Sony3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Who would have thought Gamescom of all gameshows would be the undoing of Microsoft ?

I think it's the combination of Gamescom and their poor E3 showing that really opened the fanboys eyes this time.

EDIT: WOW @ Butthead4Love I dislike the 360 as much as the next guy but thats never a good idea, IMO.

EDIT: @ BeaArthur, you always crack me up Bea, you pretend to be neutral but everybody here knows you're a hardcore 360 fanboy. If you were truly neutral you simply would not care about any of this.

But instead every chance you get I see you defending the 360 and every now and then you post something to make it seem like you own a PS3 and enjoy some of the games.

Why do this, whats the point ?

PirateThom3008d ago

TGS should be another no show for Microsoft, even if Verses XIII goes multiplatform, Sony have The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 5 and, potentially, Demon's Souls 2 to fall back on.

zootang3008d ago

Persona 5 exclusive maybe???

Focker-4203008d ago

Zone of the Enders 3 & Dead or Alive 5 as well. 3 weeks until showtime!!

BeaArthur3008d ago

It would be nice if someone would open your eyes. You can never just enjoy the success, do you feel so threatened by the Xbox that you constantly have to talk about it in every post? We all know Sony had an awesome show (even better than E3) but nothing undid Microsoft and all your fanboy wishes won't make it true.

Absolut_Turkey3007d ago

Look at that! Another fanboy rant from Butt-Hurt Bea. And look, what's this? His comment is off topic. Another typical sign of the N4G troll. Dude seriously, stop pretending your neutral because your bias is horribly obvious. Answer me this, Bea, why would us PS3 owners "feel so threatened by the Xbox"? The Xbox has a smaller library of AAA games, the Xbox is graphically inferior, Xbox Live is a glitchfest full of ten year old bigots, and it still has a high fail rate. And by the way, if you really owned both the PS3 and the Xbox, why the hell are you trolling around N4G so much? Shouldn't you be too busy playing both systems?

OT: Move trounces Kinect. This is news how? Only an idiot fanboy who's too stupid to see the writing on the wall would be surprised by this.

Focker-4203008d ago

I agree completely, if Sony got me hyped up the way MS did for them the past year only to deliver nothing. I'd be freakin pissed off. So many high expectations only to be shattered.

Luckily for me Sony's been delivering the goods.

BeaArthur3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I have over 700 trophies and 3 platinums ( ). But I'm not going to argue with an idiot. And your comment makes no sense (shocker), if I was "neutral" I would care because unlike you I enjoy all games and get annoyed when I see clowns like you taking every opportunity to make stupid comments. And someone has to defend the 360 from childish fanboys like you...I see you conveniently miss the posts where I defend or talk about the PS3 games I enjoy and am excited about.

Convas3008d ago

Keep on keeping on Bea. Idiots like Doc Sony (The name say it all) would like nothing more for MS to just disappear for the simple reason that they have some deep seated personal grudge against a soulless entity.

Anyone who cared could simply look at your profile and see you are as you say you are, a multi-console owner. But as usual, as soon as a fanboy sees someone who disagrees with his viewpoints, he feels the need to insist that they are a shadow gamer.

@Doc Sony: Cool, Sony won. You happy now? Also, you calling out fanboys in your post is highly ironic.

vhero3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

MS mobile gaming seemed okay I guess but I think the major announcement from MS is that it's no longer concentrating on 360 as its major platform and looking at other avenues as 360 now has stability without MS constantly pushing it. I just wonder without the constant adverts and buying up exclusives will the 360 last as long as the PS3?

Either way I am happy about it not because of dropping some 360 support but because we might finally see more MS PC games and lets be fair this is where they have excelled in the past I love my Age Of Empires I do!

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