Kotaku: Enslaved’s Story Is Touching … A Penis (Preview)

Kotaku writes: "Today at GamesCom I witnessed a monkey touching a pig's penis. Perhaps I should explain.

Most of what we've seen of Enslaved so far has taken place in the ruins of New York. Today the nice folks at Ninja Theory showed me a new level, the Titan Graveyard, and introduced me to a third member of Monkey and Trip's party, Pigsy".

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skynidas2982d ago

Enslaved looks like a good game. And this is actually a good article. Stop hating people.

kingjoker342982d ago

We are hating kotaku because they are the worst source of news available.
They faked a video just to GT5 bad, They are completely biased towards xbox, and dont even try to hide it.
I will never give kotaku another hit from my computer.

hakis862982d ago

for writing ""

Now I won't click :)

metsgaming2982d ago

kataku trying to get hits, again

dc12982d ago

Actually .. its a pretty good read. In fact, the game just move up on my get list (primarily for the integrated humor).

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Headshot812982d ago

Barry White: "Troll on baby, troll on ..."

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