Slide To Play Friday Slide: Sony Attacks the iPhone, Gamers Yawn

STP Editorial: There is a holdover from gaming's yesteryear that's seeing a gradual resurrection. Something I never missed. And that's the video game attack ad.

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tunaks12980d ago

in the words of moviebob,
this guy is a live action poochie.

raztad2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

This add has a point: the iphone is not a core gamers gaming device. Its most popular game is called "Angry Birds". One of the best game in any handheld is largely ignored by iphone users: GTA:CTW.

There is a major flaw in the iphone: it has no physical dpad. I tried GTA:CTW and it was nightmarish to control using the onscreen dpad. Very lame.

The only thing iphone games has going on for it is the price. It rightly fits the substandard casual stuff iphone users buy.

SiteNblog Defender2980d ago

It's funny how in the commercial Marcus says PSP has real, big boy games. Then he shows off buzz and a lame golf game. LOL.