The Incredible Zombie Game That No One’s Making

Game's with zombies are a dime a dozen these days, but game's that flesh out and truly take advantage of zombie lore? Those are a rarity. New England Gamer argues in the favor of someone, anyone making an open world, sandbox zombie game.

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Focker-4203007d ago

I WANT THIS GAME!!!! Excellent article!!

NothingToGainButLove3005d ago

I totally want some new silent hill type game... those games would give a good scare... and even some earlier resident evil games.

SeanRL3005d ago

An open world zombie game really makes sense, as most survivors are trying to get somewhere safe. Make one with lots of weapons and give us the ability to climb anything and go into any building. God we need this game.

Da_Evil_Monkey3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I love Zombie games, sadly though there seems to be a lack of them on PS3. Hopefully Dead Rising 2, Dead Nation and the possibility of L4D (*note* possible)will improve this, But this game sounds amazing, the perfect zombie game if it was done right by a competent developer.

RedDead3005d ago

Had this idea for years now.

Anyway, for perfection it would need a good use of lighting to scare the shit out of you. I disagree with the slow moving zombies, while they are the originals, they aren't nearly as scary as Running ones can be. Or how about running zombies and walking ones, the further you progress or the longer your alive the more advanced creatures start coming out.

Anyway, destructable envoirments, creat your own safe houses that can be overwhelmed if you be too loud or attract attention. Mirrors edge running and free running mechanics./ try to egtraway by building to building jumps(that would be intense), realistic body hits, if you hit em in the leg he will go down, if you blow off his mouth he can't bite you etc.

Goal of the game, escape the city. Leaderboards for people who have lasted the longest in the city before escaping.

Realism mode(optional) if you die you die. nuff said.

SeanRL3005d ago

Slow zombies are scarier in numbers, you know you can outrun them if you have a clear path but there's too many, it makes it more frustrating. Players are more likely to panic when used properly. It's cool because I had a similar idea not too long ago Except I think a more casual free running system would be needed since an average guy doesn't know much about doing a flip of a house and being fine.

RedDead3005d ago

Nah there only threatening when you move like a tank(RE).

Ones that run can also be in come in the numbers. Much scarier, you need to run or you'll die

stewie328873004d ago

My issue with fast zombies is that they force you to rely on twitch skill. I'm more interested in a more methodical sort of scare. The crowd of undead that slowly builds around you without your knowing it.

Moreover, if you integrated headshot only kills, slow zombies would become more formidable.

dragon823004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I agree with you about the slow moving zombies. Think about it, some of the best zombie films have slow moving tension building zombies. Also in most zombie films a headshot is the preferred method for killing a zombie. Combine these two things in a creepy deserted town and you would have yourself a great game.

RedDead3004d ago

Yes but usually in those films the peol make stupid choices for the convinence of the film, we don't have to make stupid choices.

stewie328873004d ago

Heh, don't understimate the ability of even the most intelligent people to make mistakes. We all do stupid crap, in real life and in video games.

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GiantJedi3005d ago

They need to make a game based on the book Plague of the Dead, awsome book.

Blazing_Crabs3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

A 3rd person GTA style city zombie game.

Shit would be SO cash.

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