NHL 11 Sets the Bar for Sports Franchises

PS3Center Writes: As a gamer, we all know how sports games are released from year to year. Most of the time the games never change much from the previous game. The old EA Sports titles, specifically Madden, come to mind for many of us. Well we expected that same thing to come from these companies when leagues started handing out exclusive rights to certain companies. However that’s wrong, and these games keep getting better and better. EA Sports has already wowed us many times with their sports titles, now others are beginning to jump that bar, and sports titles are getting better.

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OGharryjoysticks2982d ago

MLB 10 The Show set the bar and NHL 11 doesn't top it

JackBNimble2981d ago

This guy based his opinion on a demo that only allows you to play one peroid of a game.