Xbox 360 250GB Halo: Reach Bundle pre-order top-seller at GameStop

Advanced sales for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 250GB Halo: Reach Bundle ranked as a top-seller at GameStop online division amid high demand for the limited SKU.

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cyber_crysis2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

i think this bundle will Sell Like Hotcakes.

2984d ago
rroded2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

man was i hyped for that big ol green rrod machine (sry still bitter)

Fact is even tho tho i swore off 360's for life I wish i had nough cash ta buy this'
halo's onlines an addiction n Reach is gonna b the ultimate halo.

Heres hoping they sell like crazy.
ps if any of you live in my hometown ill buy the beer if you let me come over n play XD

Omega42985d ago

So much for Halo not being a system seller.

Bnet3432984d ago

Can't disagree with you on that. I remember a lot of people here downplayed Halo moving consoles. So for once, you actually are right ...

BiggCMan2984d ago

IM RESERVING MINE TOMORROW!!! man i cant wait to get it. it will be my first xbox console ever!! ive already got a gamertag from like a year ago though so if anyone wants to add me, feel free. i will only have halo reach since it comes with it though.
Gamertag: BiggCMan

MicroSony4Life2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Dont worry, some one will soon spin this by saying that those people buying the bundle are people who are replacing a RROD 360.

On topic: Very Sexy - wish it came in a Halo Blue Spartan MK VI Armor Half-Scale Bust.

niceguywii602985d ago

Does anybody know if the Halo Console has a gloss finish? sometimes you can not tell on the web. The first black Slim shots where matte looking compared to the slim in life.

Adexus2984d ago

Definitely not a glossy finish, if you watch the unboxing video on Bungies Youtube channel you can tell instantly, if it was glossy then I wouldn't have pre-ordered it! :D

PS360PCROCKS2985d ago

I want one. But it's not worth it for me. I already have 3 controllers so it makes more sense for me to just buy the game and a system from walmart and get a $20 giftcard.

Adexus2984d ago

Got mine pre-ordered from Game.

Worth the price for me, I get an awesome looking console, 2 controllers with Reach artwork, a Reach inspired headset and a standard edition copy of the game which I'm selling for £30 and the controllers by themselves are £34.99 so it's worth the price in my opinion, especially if you're a big Halo fan and a want a 360 Slim.

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The story is too old to be commented.