Street Fighter 3DS Will Be a “Perfect Port” of The Console Game

KOTAKU - Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono says that when the spectacularly popular Street Fighter IV comes to Nintendo's 3DS portable it will be a "perfect port" of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

While nothing will be removed from the console versions of the game when it moves over to the portable, it will have some differences, specifically in how the game will use stereoscopic 3D and the different ways gamers will be able to control the game....

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GuruStarr782983d ago

Now I'm glad I never bought the console versions of SFIV...this will be a day one purchase for me on 3DS.....still waiting anxiously so I can preorder about 5 systems!

HeroXIV2982d ago

Good idea because 100% the 3DS is going to skyrocket maybe up to 3 times in price at launch on eBay (Even if it doesn't you can guaruntee minimum $50 profit).

zen02982d ago

Can't believe Nintendo's handheld system will defeat their current system wii.

vhero2982d ago

To be fair SFIV would work on the wii.. I mean you seen the graphics? It's even on the iphone looking the same..

dark-hollow2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

check your eyes please 3ds iphone

the iphone version look more like 2d and dont forget the controles sucks balls on a touch screen
besides this is one of the earliest games for the 3ds and the pics don't do it justice

archemides5182982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

u really think that is 3ds? why don't u just look up street fighter 3ds screenshot on google and see the actual pixely mess. ur pic is the console version. but still 3ds version seems to be 3d models where iphone is just rendered sprites


Optical_Matrix2982d ago

I dunno man. I mean I'm not doubting his words...but, I'm playing Super Street Fighter IV atm on using my arcade stick and I can't begin to imagine how the controls will translate well to 3DS and feel comfortable. Like, playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max on works well's playable...but feels disgusting in comparison to stick. So we'll see. I'll be getting this game regardless. I just hope the controls are really fine tuned.

dark-hollow2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

be grateful
when the first time i heard about the 3ds a thought that it games lineup gonna be mario and pokemon only
but we got some pretty bad-ass core games

Kingdom Come2982d ago

Existing DS ip's such as Dementium can Progress and improve with the new technology on the 3DS. Whilst I'm looking forward to playing ports to see just how well they have achieved, I think that Nintendo should focus on making new games aswell like they have with Kid Icarus. Can't wait...

JohnApocalypse2982d ago

So Nintendo can put 360/PS3 quality onto a DS but they can't put a DVD player into a home console

Montrealien2982d ago

There is a difference between can't, and need. Nintendo has been very clear, ever since day one, that they mainly want focus on game consoles, not multimedia consoles.

/on topic

SF in 3D should be interesting. I am excited about the 3DS, then again, I will alway be excited about any new console.

Kalowest2981d ago

The Wii has a DVD player, you have to hack the drive so you can play them.

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