The 8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Levels

From water levels, to ice levels, to "moving" levels, to escort missions, many games have fallen into designing levels/missions for us with the same kind of challenges and mechanics. From our 8-bit days, all the way to the most modern of games, we've retained a lot of level types and a lot of these types have retained what makes them so annoying. Here are the most annoying types of video game levels.

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mushroomwig2982d ago

Protection, or "Escort" Levels are my most hated level types, it seems like an unwritten rule that a game has to include it!


BubbleSystemSuck2982d ago

Totally agree...

Persecution level.. uuugh

HammockGames2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

If I had to pick one overall category to gripe about, that's it. Most games build your character up to be a total juggernaut. Then you'll fail a mission because of something ridiculous or out of your control

Extreme example => the gnome you were trying to defend against a sea of dragons decided to go rogue & jump into the flaming jaws while you had your back turned, actually trying to protect his worthless @ss.

I'd also add missions that are based entirely on repetition. Specifically, The Library from Halo 1 (you could make a case study out of that one). Loved the game, hated that level. But any other level like that in other games is equally guilty.

ico922982d ago

lol have you played MGS2 ? theres a part in a game where you have to escort some geeky girl underwater, to top it of once your underwater your vision is limited and your on a time limit, once you get out you have to sneak through past several patrols.

UP2982d ago

combining two terrible things Water and escort missions.

ThanatosDMC2982d ago

Same here. Escort mission on SC2 was terrible especially since the achievement and bonus missions (research materials) are in the enemy bases.

Protection missions usually have us defending useless dumb AI that would more likely go to the enemies instead of somewhere to hide.

Acquiescence2982d ago

There are few things worse than escort missions. You can't play on your own terms, you have to often depend on the games AI, which as we all know can be outright maddening.

I am quite partial to ice/snow levels though, I have to admit. They can look really purty a lot of the time. And more often than not, I've noticed that a games soundtrack is at its finest during a snow level.

sovietsoldier2981d ago

dead rising = enough said!

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metsgaming2982d ago

Many of those i consider most interesting levels (depending on game ) Snow levels are cool and so are some water levels

HeroXIV2982d ago

Funny, MGS2 has a lot of these and they're my favourite parts. Escorting Emma was kinda fun because you got to see more of Raiden's Personality. And the under-water segments were done pretty damn well. It required quick-thinking and it actually fitted within the location of the game. It wasn't just tacked on.

ico922982d ago

MGS 3 was infuriating when you have to escort Eva, imagine Emma but constantly groaning in pain, walks slower than a snail, and constantly depleting stamina to top it off your being hunted by several Russian patrols , wow was Hideo Kojima purposely trying to piss of the gamer ?

ThanatosDMC2982d ago

No, the point of it was to get the idea of shooting Eva with tranq so you could hear her moan in her sex dreams. It also stops her from eating all your food. It was a lot faster to drag her.

Acquiescence2982d ago

Raiden had a personality?!

FreddySavage2982d ago

me being one place...gettin a quest to go retrieve an item thats ridiculously far away...and then having to bring it back...

escort missions get me down i swear it's easier to keep someone alive in real life than to lead a digital character around and keep them alive in a video game

I'm simple...Go here, Kill this, and you get this. That's what i like :)

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