BioShock Infinite for PS3: Gameplay Q&A with Ken Levine, New Screens

Sid Shuman writes: Last week, Irrational Games introduced BioShock Infinite to the world with a startling cinematic trailer set in the clouds far above Earth. Since then, I’ve seen BioShock Infinite in action, and the first-person gameplay featured numerous hallmarks of BioShock as well as intriguing new elements.

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Vip3r2979d ago

I loved the first Bioshock game but have yet to play the second. But Infinite is looking good too. Especially how it's outside now.

AssassinHD2979d ago

I finally got around to playing BioShock 2. I am probably half-way through it at the moment, and I think it is a great game, but I also think it lost some of the magic from the first game.

Faztkiller2979d ago

I agree I thought it was a good game but rapture just didn't have the same felling the 2nd time.

theIMP2979d ago

To be fair, how do you improve on a game like the first Bioshock? There is no way they could deliver the first sweep over the hill to reveal Rapture for the first time again. We already know too much about it for it to be a mystery.

Lifendz2979d ago

Problem with Bioshock 2 (for me) was that you're supposed to be a Big Daddy and yet you don't feel any different. Sure you can dual wield plasmids and the drill/rail gun, but other than that it was like you were a regular human char. Part that was maddening was when a splicer hit me with a golf club and it took a lot of energy. If I'm a big daddy the last thing that should hurt is a friggin golf club.

Ken Levine seems to have a knack for this stuff. Bioshock 2 was a solid game but it did lose a lot of the charm from the first. In fact, 2K probably should've just let this game stand on its own w/o attaching the Bioshock name to it. That way they could create an entirely new universe without feeling pressure to incorporate story elements from Bioshock.

mugoldeneagle032979d ago

That's why I still haven't picked it up yet. Being a PS3 owner I didn't get to play Bioshock until later and I loved it. Saw what the 2nd was about and I still haven't decided to play it or not.

Now with all these Infinite sceens and info, I'm starting to think I should just skip 2 and jump right into this one. It just seems like a fresh story, which I might enjoy. Decisions!

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Odin7772979d ago

@ theIMP I agree...Which is why it is a good thing they're bringing Bioshock to the skies now.

theIMP2979d ago

Yea, I really can't wait to see what's in store. I like the fact they are taking a completely new approach.

ShiNe-Box-2979d ago

Oh nice... I didn't know Ken Levine returned to develop Bioshock Infinite.

Infernostew2979d ago

I loved the first Bioshock but since there are too many games out now that I want and my backlog is piling up, I'll wait till Bioshock 2 is $20 when I pick it up.

candystop2979d ago

Where does he say anything about the PS3 version?

HungPHAT2979d ago

I'd rather see the Game use ID's RAGE engine than UE 3 ! there's nothing wrong with it , I'm just tired of that Graphic look ....

raztad2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

ID Tech 5 is for Bethesda internal use. No licensing to third parties.

IaMs122979d ago

i agree but what Bioshock does with it makes it different from all the other UE3 games, just like Gears of War. Its how you use it that counts, and well Levine did a great job with the 1st one lets see what he can do with this new one

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