IGN: Gamescom: Fallout: New Vegas - Heading South

This close to the game's October release, it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise but Fallout: New Vegas has been polished and fattened up and is very nearly ready for show time. At this year's Gamescom event in Cologne, IGn was given the chance to sit down with a near final version of the game.

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zeeshan3004d ago

"The first thing we noticed was simply the leap in graphical quality that Fallout: New Vegas has made over Fallout 3. This is a lovingly textured, colourful and razor-sharp game. The world has been crafted with an increased attention to natural textures; stone surfaces, dirt paths, cement causeways and character faces and clothes have all been retooled and the quality really stands out."

God, I hope that's true! The only problem I had when I first the footage of Fallout:NV was that it look too damn similar to Fallout 3. I really hope that they have improved in the graphics department!

I can't wait to play this game. I know I am gona sink at least 60-70 hours in the game! :)