13 Minutes Worth of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

From Gamescom, a user records 7 different game play battles, worth 13 minutes.

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HelghastKid2981d ago

Goddamn i cant wait for this game much longer x.x

N4GAddict2981d ago

Me too. The game is going to be awesome.

nickjkl2981d ago

expect me to master hinata in 2 days and start owning people in 3

baker_boi2981d ago

You don't know nothin bout that Killa Bee son!

karl2981d ago

i really want to play this...

sasuke vs gaara FTW!

gargavi2978d ago

i also want this game .

gargavi2978d ago

HelghastKid if you want to rate this game , how will you rate?

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xYLeinen2981d ago

Animations, graphics and effects looks amazing in my eyes. I'm a huge fan of the anime and this looks very fun.

I got one worry. Sure they want the fighting in the game to be easy, but I can't stand combos like this "XXXXXTriangle" etc. You get the point. Hopefully they mix it up a little bit and make the combo system a bit more interesting compared to the prequel.

Other than that, thumbs up for this game.

HelghastKid2981d ago

Nope, y playing the demo it is the same as UNS1 which makes me believe that the only is just gonna be a rasengan chidori spam fest :/

N4GAddict2981d ago

All anime game should look like this.

RedDead2979d ago

Chidori and Rasengan are much slower in this and are blockable unlike the first, the people laying in this are terrible as usual, close quarters in Uns is more like trying to dodge at the right time while spamming xxxxxx, it's all about who can dodge better

princejb1342981d ago

try playing a dbz game now
and i had more fun watching naruto than dbz

Baka-akaB2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

why is there already a "dbz is betta" trollin those threads ? The author is a known huge fan of Toriyama , wich himself is feeling probably more flattered than threatened .

KionicWarlord2222981d ago

Wow....i cant wait to have a match with killer bee vs sasuke .

Also without help from Suigetsu,karin and jugo .


CaptainMarvelQ82981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

to make a bleach game using this fighting style
not like the lame one's on the wii

Slient Knight 92981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

a bleach game in the style of ninja gaiden would be the best for it, i think then what it is at the moment.

CaptainMarvelQ82981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

but for them to make such thing might take a high budget and be risky-
because it is known that naruto is more popular than bleach(well outside japan anyways)

if they would make the same fighting mechanism as naruto i would be more than pleased

Slient Knight 92981d ago

true there is a risk, what about one piece? Also if there was just one anime i could have has a game it would have to be cowboy bebop

CaptainMarvelQ82981d ago

i remember playing one piece with one of my friends on the ps2,it was great;but i guess it was one of these japanese games that didn't get a universal release

now that i think about other animes,Full Metal Alchemist might be a good idea :D

White-Sharingan2981d ago

make a one piece fighting game!!!

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