Phail of the week

You’ve got to admit it: watching someone else do something horribly embarrassing puts a smile on your face and laughter in your heart like nothing else. It’s a phenomenon that has yet to be explained, but is hilarious nonetheless.

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BubbleSystemSuck2981d ago

With all rspect.. i think MW2 is a Fail

looking FWD CoD:BO

BannedForNineYears2981d ago

I'll second that.

SHOGUN 36o2981d ago

Sucks getting crushed by your own box.

BeaArthur2981d ago

Something similar happened to me in the Reach beta. I was playing Generator Defense and one of the supply drops landed on my head and killed me.

ocnkng2981d ago

I was expecting it to be some Kinect demo.

madara0sama2981d ago

I lol'd even more when the kids with mics laughed at the end.

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