Playstation Move PS3 controller pre-order demand increases

Pre-order sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move controller for the Playstation 3 increased this week on strong demand for the product.

This week, the Playstation Move held a sales increase of 51 percent to rank at No. 88 in’s Video Games division.

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Prcko2980d ago

preordered box and 1 move controller!

Foliage2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

PS3 - No 5
Wii - No 12
360 - No 17

lulz and this is the US

cliffbo2980d ago


ps3 owners dont care about Mass effect 2 and yes the Move will sell just you too much of a 360 fanboy to admit it.

Chug2980d ago

Got mine pre-ordered at Amazon :)

Zir02980d ago

It's good its finally broke the 100th mark, but it needs to do a lot better if its going to make any impact for the PS3. Hopefully it will pass Kinect buy the time it releases.

HeroXIV2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

It'll sell well. I mean, pre-orders are a FRACTION of the actual sales. Reach pre-orders are 1M, but it'll sell far more than that... Probably up to 6M (or more, don't quote me on that part)...

Same with Move, it might only be 88th on AMAZON but there are pre-orders on more than just that website, and isn't JUST the US?

ethan2980d ago

Very true...I have mine pre-ordered from walmart :)

Theonik2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago ) is just for the US yes. In the Move leads Kinect. The demo move bundle is at the 61st space and rising while Kinect is 72nd and dropping. The move Sub is 47th oddly. Keeping up with pre-orders with the move i harder as it's sold in modules. A lot of people just want the main control while others want the demo bundle.

Sufficed to say that on Fifa 11 is at the top and halo Reach is almost dominated by GT5 close its release. Pre-orders though much like sales are difficult to track accurately.

120FPS2980d ago

"Hopefully it will pass Kinect buy the time it releases"

The one sentance that sums up the Sony loyalists

Natsu X FairyTail2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

See the irony? When it's a Kinect Preorder increase stories all the 1st comments are. How does pre order count etc etc.

and when it's about sony stuff. lmao the 1st comments are NICE , Im preordering now!!! goood! stuff like that

smh lames.

GusBricker2980d ago

And Kinect is #47, it was the 60s last week.

People might not like it or want it, but it's being pre-ordered like hotcakes.

...and where's my syrup?

Vip3r2980d ago

The Native Americans took blankets from the Europeans in high numbers and looks what happened afterwards...

Y'know, be sure what you're getting before you pre-order.

boodybandit2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

When you post what I usually see is hypocrisy and tears.
Seriously must every article be reduced to a bitching, moaning and pissing contest? Don't cherry pick and act like it only comes from one side of the fence just so it suits your own personal bias.

I will never understand why people get so worked up over sales, pre-orders or movers and shaker articles. The only sale that should matter is the one "you" purchase. That is how I view it. The only time I care about sales is when I am hoping the game I enjoy(ed) makes enough profit to warrant a sequel or have continued support.

DasBunker2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

"See the irony?"

you need to check your definition of irony.

People around here prefer the PS3 thats no mistery.

ElementX2980d ago

"you need to check your definition of irony"

and you need to check your spelling of "mystery"

Ivan Drago IV2980d ago

got mine pre ordered the $99.99 move bundle and i feel like a kid counting down the days until christmas! I will be there midnight to get this thing! cant wait

teedogg802980d ago

I got the bundle, an additional move controller and navigation controller already paid for.

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