Xbox 360 S 250GB hard drive now on sale

Ex: The introduction of the Xbox 360 S (aka Slim) came not only with a new case design and updated internal hardware but also a change in hard drives. Instead of the caddy that holds a hard drive on the side, the updated console has a slot on the side to insert the hard drive. With the latest introduction of the hard drive less Xbox 360 S Arcade, Microsoft held off on selling the new hard drives separately until now.

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Omega42983d ago


People would be better off buying 2 16GB USBs for 36GB. Thats more than enough space. If you wanted more you should just buy the 250GB 360S.

Queasy2983d ago

Well, unfortunately this is in line with the older hard drive prices from MS.

Did anyone ever figure out how to crack one of the new HDDs open btw?

rroded2983d ago

hd your gonna need one 139.99

live 50/a year or so

makes the 400$ move package a lot more attractive dont it...

Theonik2983d ago

Or the European move bundle that is 350E and has a 320Gb HDD. Knowing how pricing usually works over here we're looking at 140E for MS's 250Gb HDD. MS is just using a normal SATA hard drive in an enclosure in these so they really need to f*ck off. I could get 2 1Tb drives for that.

2983d ago
AAACE52983d ago

Oh really? Why would you 'NEED' one?

Fanboys like you have said countless times that Kinect isn't for the Core gamer! So if casual gamers don't need a HDD for the Wii, why would they need one for the 360?

BTW... Casual gamers usually don't play online because they have a life! I know it may be hard for you to believe, but some people buy consoles to have something to do when there's nothing to do! They don't plan on getting into all of the crap that we get into!

Hell, I just talked to a guy yesterday who plays on XBL. He only uses it to play with friends. I asked him if he ever downloads videos or demos and he looked t me funny. Said he didn't know where to find them because he doesn't play that much!

Sounds crazy right? But it's true! I have talked to gamers from every console who doesn't care about the crap we do!

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moparful992983d ago

What about the system footprint? Both the 360 and ps3 have a certain amount of the HDD memory pre cached for the os and certain other tasks.. So after you take that into consideration how much of the that 4gig is useable?? Man quit defending microsoft to the grave, they love to screw the consumers and you just lap it up like a happy dog...

2983d ago
rroded2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

sry but if you want to take full advantage of your 360 ya need 1...

we all know it why lie...

n why defend them anyone who can add knows ms loves ta gouge us.
At least with sony you get the real full price right on the box. not ta mention the best hardware n games XD

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Wikkid6662983d ago

Seems to be a small mathematical issue here.

AssassinHD2983d ago

That makes no sense at all. How would anyone be better off getting a 250GB 360S over a HDD? They would be better off spending more money for basically the same result?

Also, two 16GB USB drives would equal 32GB, not 36.

Mustang300C20122983d ago

Your not counting the already 4gb on the arcade which equals out to 36

Darrius Cole2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

But isn't it true that the Hard Drive is better if you like to install your games and play them from the hard drive in order to reduce noise as well as wear and tear from the DVD drive?

Does game install to the USB drive even work at all?


I noticed that everybody has 5 bubbles now. Still not as good as the 8 bubbles that I had accumulated over time but better than the 3 that they rebooted everyone with.

AAACE52983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Right now, you can only use two 8 Gb flash drives to get 16 Gb. They'll probably change this later, but at least people will still be able to have a 20 Gb HDD this way!

Personally, I would rather just get the console with the 250 Gb in it already! I am looking at one right now, and it is smaller, quieter and sexier! The power brick isn't as big. The disc door moves well and is quieter. The touch bottons are very responsive and make a beep when you hit it... I know people who buy the Halo 360 will be happy about the sounds that console makes!

@Pillville... The goal is to make people see it is just better to buy the console with the HDD in it already! With the arcade (if i'm correct), you get the system, controller and cables. Pat an extra $100, you get the system with the extra details, 250 Gb HDD, headset, etc.

The arcade is mainly for people who don't plan on going online and only play a few games and for those who have had a console break on them for whatever reason and don't want to go through the repair process.

Bigpappy2983d ago

You can use up to 16 gig EACH on 2 USB ports. Its been like that for quite some time. So that is 32G max.

PAPERCHASER03962983d ago

Once I collect 5 or 6 jump drives I'm suppose to keep them in a freakn pouch or something then reach in and hope I grab the one that I need ?

moparful992983d ago

nope there is a 32 gig cap on usb flash memory so get two 16 gigs... LOl its sad how we have to sit here and discuss this nonsense..

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Pillville2983d ago

I absolutely can't understand:
1) Why they don't allow any HD internal and external.
2) Why they limited the thumb drives to 16GB.

It guess it's $$$$, but is selling HDs really that much of a money maker for them?

Queasy2983d ago

External USB hard drives are allowed but also limited to 16GB so that point is kind of moot.

They can definitely make a profit off of accessory sales though. Just about ever 360 accessory is marked up to give them a pretty big profit margin.

Of course, they make the argument that locking down the hard drives the way they do helps prevent piracy. Yeeeeeah....about that.

Pillville2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

but the piracy/save-editing argument is gone since they allow any thumb drive.

Copy your game-save from HD to thumb drive, connect thumb drive to PC, edit game-save, resign, copy back to HD.
the Modio program is all you need.

baodeus2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

1. It is about money
2. Tt could be easier to control hacking issues?

Thecraft19892983d ago

you can 2tb external for that money thats disgusting no fanboy can defend that.

weazel2983d ago

...oh, I think you're underestimating the fanboys on N4G if you truly believe that they wont at least try.

moparful992983d ago

agreed craft... I have a 500gig external on my ps3 and I paid $60 at a clearance sale.. It bewilders me how the 360 is "the console of choice" for the hard core crowd whenever you have to jump and dodge so many issues and obstacles like this...

LoydX-mas2983d ago

why would a "hard core crowd" gamer buy the Arcade version anyway?

The Arcade is geared directly at the non-hardcore gamer.

Thecraft19892983d ago

No its more aimed pirates I am going to get case apart one way or another and put 250gb of my own in. like i do with all 360 when i can flash the slim.

moparful992983d ago

I know several people who have had multiple red rings and bought a cheaper arcade..

LoydX-mas2983d ago

If they bought the new 360 S arcade, then just use a transfer kit to hook up their old HDD as the new HDD.

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DFresh2983d ago

Kind of a rip off.
I can buy a 500GB hard drive for my PS3 for like $70.
Probably if I spend a little more I can buy a 1TB for about $100.
PC hard drives would probably be even less then what I would pay for my PS3 hard drive.
It still sucks that Microsoft won't allow us to add in any type of hard drive we want besides their own shit they sell.

USB Drives on a console is so last gen.

NatureOfLogic2983d ago

I can buy a WD 500GB HDD for $50 for the PS3

Bellcross2983d ago

So if you bought a 4GB 360 with kinect and want to upgrade you got to pay $140 for only 250GB?

Ms up to their old overpricing trick as usual you can get a 2TB external on newegg for that price.

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