GameBlurb: Kane & Lynch 2 - Dog Days Review

GameBlurb writes, "When I had heard that they were making a sequel to Kane & Lynch I found myself scratching my head. The first game didn’t fair too well with the reviewers and I personally decided to skip it. I figured the developers must be nuts to give this franchise a second chance. Did the old dogs learn from their mistakes in the first outing?"

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MicrocutsX23074d ago

Man i just really love the whole budget look in this game, but it sucks the gameplay has bogged it down. I really hope more other devs try to imitate the cinematography here, it's pretty unique.

jaidek3074d ago

I decided to RedBox the game and played it for a few hours. Overall not bad but not that great either. I too enjoyed the rendering style, but the shakycam must go!!!

evildeli3074d ago

I like how the camera degrades the more damage you take. Different=cool

Kuzo3074d ago

if you don't like the shakycam turn it off, or wait 4 hours and the game is over.

darkecho3074d ago

AKA, wait until you're dead and don't want to play the game anymore.

liquidxtension3074d ago

I like the charcters from the game. They are definitly not your ordinary heros.

junk3d3074d ago

Yeah, I am not sure they can be considered heroes. They are the lesser evils in the Shanghai I guess. It's like calling Niko Bellic a hero. :)

Kuzo3074d ago

or Brett Farve... although a Farve & Lynch game might be interesting

sak5003074d ago

Should have been 20$ game. I played it on coop with my nephew and finished teh whole game in 3 1/2 hours.

Already have 610 on achevemetns.