GRTV: Bungie on Halo: Reach

Gamereactor's Petter Mårtensson caught up with Bungie's PR director Brian Jarrard at Gamescom in Cologne to talk about the developer's farewell to the series.

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Munky2980d ago

I really hope we meet the other SII's on Reach, it's impossible that we are going to fight along side MC, but it is totally possible that we meet up and fight with RED Team.

RockmanII72980d ago

I know it would fuck up the Halo canon, but if Noble 6 ends up being Fred that will be the best plot twist ever.

N2G2980d ago

watch this video & tell me why this laser shooter is so successful with the unique xbox *audience*.if you can't tell then you must be blind.

VictoriousB132980d ago

I can't tell if you're trolling or not. Either way, bubble down for you!

dachiefsman2980d ago

please inform me as to what I am being blind about?

Agheil2980d ago

Halo 4, im still getting halo reach but still would've like to see what happens to master chief

8thnightvolley2980d ago

this game is gonna be awesome.. i CANT WAIT!!