EA shows us why realism in FPS is a bad idea

By premiering a previously-unveiled Apache gunship level from their upcoming military FPS title Medal of Honor at GamesCom, Electronic Arts has given us an opportunity to directly compare a game to real life, and in so doing, created a perfect argument for why military first person shooters will never be "realistic," and why they shouldn't even try to be.

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago

COD4 had the same type of mission...and no1 complained

CrazyForGames2985d ago

if your talking about the mission i think your talking about it really wasn't no big deal because it the end all you really saw was tiny blurs on the screen

pretty much dots moving around

JackBNimble2984d ago

I don't really understand the problem it because there is a gun ship, or is it because it takes place in Afghanistan?

People are stupid.... there is just as much or more violence on the 6 o'clock news and primetime TV then in most games, yet they bitch about an M rated game.

It's Hypocrisy at it's finest.

CrazyForGames2984d ago

i usually always thought the reason most people complain is because unlike the news and movies and stuff in games you actually get to control the violence

that's the way i see it

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Cevapi882984d ago

what should be more disturbing to news corporations is that one is being held accountable for what happened in the wikileaks case of the 2 Reuters reporters who got blown away to pieces along with civilians who were trying to help...the fact that a game has realistic gameplay shows the double standards that corporations partake in to screw with the game industry when in the real world people get away with heinous crimes on a daily basis...

writersblock2984d ago

So true

Look at that incedence in the video. They just killed like 15 innocent men. Congrats, you just got the taliban 20 new recruits wanting revenge on america for that sort of dumb shit actions. These US soldiers are fucking retarded

Cevapi882984d ago

fear mongering at its finest...its a good way to drive profit margins up when shareholders demand revenue with pointless stories...i can only imagine how much actual NEWS goes uncovered

edit: meant to say NO one in my first comment

frostypants2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

N4G probably is the last place for a serious discussion on foreign policy, but that said, I'll bite. There was never any intention to "win" in Iraq or Afghanistan. The entire goal of both wars is to destabilize efforts by radical Islamic militants to re-create the Caliphate (basically, a theocratic Islamic alliance spanning the entire Middle East), as this would have dire consequences for global trade, global stability, and human rights. It would be a little like the entire Western world agreeing to let the Vatican run the show.

People complain that taking down Saddam Hussein actually destabilized the Middle East. But that was the entire point.

You'll never hear this from the Pentagon publicly because people can't fathom a war with no measurable outcome (since the goals are entirely preventative).

evrfighter2984d ago

an EA fps and realism should never go together. They don't seriously believe their shooters are realistic do they?

I'm guessing whoever has played Arma is getting a good chuckle.

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kingjoker342984d ago

Its the same types of complaints about MW2 No Russian.
Some people find it offensive, some dont. I dont but I can see why people do. They should have the option of skipping that part of the level.

Cairnius2984d ago

The article isn't complaining about the gunship level from MoH, it's just pointing out how unrealistic it is, and how it would be a lot different...and a lot less fun...if it WERE "realistic."

East_Coast2984d ago

Valid argument.

This is what's happening to the gaming world as the big crops try to expand their reach and penetrate deeper into other markets. A larger user base brings with it both a positive and a negative and questions that are appropriate and sometimes not. In this case I don't think that it warrants all the effort and thought. I think that peoples personal lives are mixing themselves into something else that is totally innocent and harmless and turning it into something more than what it really is.

If having a larger base means that we have to contend with issues such as these then you can keep the top spot all to yourself.

Oh and I can't wait for MoH!

The_Zeitgeist2984d ago

@ the killer
"USA are criminals on the state level and majority of people since they vote for bush twice"

Actually he only got the majority vote once....just saying.

Bits-N-Kibbles2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Generation Kill and see the similarities to some of the idiots the US Army/Marines put in charge of people's lives.

This is what happens when the military's majority is made up of the unwanted, pissed off, short-sited, red neck, white trash. I respect those who go into the military, but todays soldiers are not the same type of people as those who signed up to DEFEND our country in WWII.

The_Zeitgeist2984d ago

The end of that series is creepy. I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it, but lets just say the very last 30 seconds of the series will give you chills.

PotatoClock2984d ago

That was quite scary seeing what ACTUAL US soliders were like in Iraq. Of course some of them were good and how you'd think they should act, but the amount who were just trigger happy idiots and given weapons and even in command of other people is just too much.
Its quite strange seeing the massive difference in solider mentality after watching The Pacific before seeing Generation Kill.

moparful992984d ago

You are generalizing the entire miltitary based off of some videos that show soldiers making bad decisions.. There were plenty of soldiers in WWII that killed out of hatred and there were far more innocent civilians being slain in that war due to fewer rules and less accurate weaponry.. But you dont hear as much about those incidents because the media wasnt as involved as it has been with iraq and afghanistan.... Of course they are going to show soldiers doing this kind of stuff because it generates controversy and they profit.. Stop putting all soldiers in a bad light over the mis representation of a few...

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NAGNEWS2985d ago

i like COD4 and i like killing in games that doesn't make me a bad person with bad ideas.

as long as i keep those bad-ass games in my own fantasy life nothing bad going to happen.

LtSkittles2985d ago

I know, right? I drove an ice cream truck over people in GTA, does that mean I'll go out, jack an ice-cream truck, and run people over? No, there's no ice cream truck that goes by my house.

Cairnius2984d ago

...I don't think this article has anything to do with people acting out the games. I think it has to do with whether military FPS games can ever be realistic or not, and answering the question with a definitive "No."

LtSkittles2984d ago

Cairnus I know yeah, I was being funny. Yeah, I'll play CoD, but there's no way any of that would happen in real life.

moparful992984d ago

You being able to do things in a game that are morally objectional is not the issue, this whole debate is about whether military shooters can accurately depict what "acctually" happens in a conflict. Like the video of a us apache engaging and killing civillains in afghanistan.. They are basically saying that in order for millitary shooters to be enjoyable they have to scale back on realism quite a bit...

kingjoker342984d ago

I teabag people in mw2 from time to time, does that mean that I will kill somebody in real life, then then make them suck on me? No.

theonlylolking2985d ago

At least they are taking risks.

Trunkz Jr2985d ago

Did Fox news write this?

kinetic1002984d ago

The wiki Leaks Video is disgusting. You can see why the Military tried to stop it being released to the public.I think it would be move important for Gunship Pilots to not act like their playing a FPS and not the other way round.

Xx Ziyad xX2984d ago

i think who killed in the video has no gun its have only Camera

moparful992984d ago

Don't get me wrong the wikileaks video is disturbing and it is very sad that it happens but what do you expect when you walk around in an active war zone and you have two people in your entourage carrying weapons? It has been proven that there was two people holding weapons. 1 had an ak47 while the other had an rpg. There was also commentary from a soldier fighting insurgents meer blocks from where this event took place. So collateral damage is inevitable.. I wish that there was a better system of identifying targets so that civies wouldnt die but when you stay in an area of conflict then you are putting your life in your own hands...