PlayStation 3 'hacked' by hardware crackers

A group of hardware hackers claim they are about to release the first product to allow gamers to play homemade and pirated games on the PlayStation 3.

The PS3 is the only games console that has not been hacked, despite being on the market for more than three years.

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zeeshan3688d ago

Why is this crap getting approved? Only because it has a big fat label of BBC? Hasn't this already been reported like hundreds of times already? PS3 hack related news are the most hottest news at N4G. Do we need more of the same over and over and over and over.... (sound fades away)

bob2003688d ago

This is actually a quite informative article with all the news about the psjailbreak in one place.

MAG_SVER3688d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Until he shows the games being played after copied/transferred, this video/hack is not proving anything. I can copy pirate movies on my PS3 HD, but does that mean the movie is going to play once it's copied.


Sony has enabled other CPU's (7 x SPE @3.2GHz) in the system that are specifically designed to do the Decoding of the software being run also with the 1 extra CPU called PPE(Power Processor Element)which is a two-way multithreaded core acting as the controller for the eight SPEs, which handle most of the computational workload, that means that this hack has about probably 5-6 more CPU's to get through before the game is playable.

Example: MP4 files, the ps3 will NOT & Cannot play them, due to algorithms in the CPU's which restrict any copy write/clones to be playable in the Hardware & like I said good luck getting buy the other 5-6 CPU's after startup.

So, until I see the game being played & run without it getting corrupt, then I take this as a GRAIN of SALT.

Anything Less Is UNCIVILIZED!!!

EDIT: If you Disagree, no problem but please explain why, this is all TRUE FACTS.

thereapersson3687d ago

Nobody will backup their disagrees with facts, because after the Mass Effect multiplatform meltdown on N4G, 360 fanboys are once again content with sitting in the shadows, slamming the disagree button, because they have nothing else to do other than read about Halo: Reach. This goes in waves, of course.

Also, since the 360 has a ridiculous amount of piracy this generation, it's only natural that 360 owners would love to see more news about hacking consoles and pirating games, and anyone who tries to refute "evidence" is met with a ton of disagrees and bubble raping.

Dark_Vendetta3687d ago

I didn't disagree with you but this hack is pretty simple, and doesnt need to hack any of the other "CPU"s.
Sony designed a USB dongle that allows them to test unsigned software on any Ps3 hardware. Of course I can't explain you how that works exactly, but it seems that Sony left a small backdoor open for a certain hardware, with a certain key saved.
This hardware was stolen from Sony and copied. Whoever did that will have some serious problems.
Although this works with every game right now that doesnt have a file over 4gb (its a restrictions because of the Fat32 system, but I don't know why any developer would include a 4gb file into his game), it will be patched very easily (already a lot of devs said that). There are many ways to stop this from working. For example the boot process can be changed with the next firmware update, the key changed, and the hackers can be forced to update by newer games, if they want to play them (Sony did the same with the PSP).
The hackers did finally find a way to crack the Ps3, but I don't think it'll last long, and if not, it's definite not worth the current price tag of 169,99$ (O.o).

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morganfell3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

First this story is a duplicate of several others. Well Bob, you don't create new articles you add sources to current articles. And it is already disproven:

The contributor should have known better.

kingjoker343688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

double post

Thrillhouse3688d ago

Actually, that article is incorrect. This jailbreak makes any PS3 run in debug mode. It's real.

PopEmUp3688d ago

but this one just been broken out of jail lol

Spider0503688d ago

Comon? Where is proof?
What hacked PS3 when you cant pirate games?

1)Pirate 50 gb games
2)Buy Blu-Ray writter(PC)
3)Blu Blu-Ray disc
4)Um... too much money for this..

jerethdagryphon3688d ago

its not a hack its a copied version of what sony uses unternally so its corpate espinoge at best theft with illigal duplication at worst and bbc has been showing far tomany piratey things on news they have lsot my respect

kingjoker343688d ago

You dont have to have all that, if im correct all you need to do is like rent or buy a game, copy it to the external HDD or the usb using the jailbreak, return the game, then you can play the game from the hdd, no disc required. And the copy speeds are faster since it doesnt use connection.
Not much money need for this

Natsu893688d ago

This hack does not play backups from blurays only from hdd's. only nr 4 ist required, the rest not!

Christopher3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

1. It's software, as in the illegally distributed PS3 SDK that lead to the recreation of a back-up/debug mode dongle used by Devs and official Sony repair teams.

2. There are a few ways you can combat this. Digital signing of dongles is one, authentication process prior to playing a game is another, firmware update to shut off USB ports until the OS is fully loaded (or when performing the power+eject action) is another.

3. If you buy this, you're an idiot. It's unlikely to work in the long run and considering the 'hack' is based on a method that Sony uses internally, it's going to be much easier for them to fix and thereby break the capability of existing dongles out there.

4. Oh, and as for just not updating firmware, most worthwhile games tend to come with on-disc firmware updates since each firmware update also includes code that makes the game playable and aids in the code used in the game. They might make it so that all future games come with firmware updates if hackers make Sony's job even harder to prevent piracy.

outrageous3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Don't hold your breath...this came from Sony themselves as a last ditch effort to expand the user base before the new machines come in 2012. If they decide to shut this down, it will be after they have sold alot more consoles.

Some analysts are predicting M$ may jump ahead of Sony by 10 million units by the time the holidays are over. XBL has generated well over a BILLION dollars and the 360 is heavily pirated. Sony knows you can't sell something on your console to a gamer IF he doesn't own the console. This is an inside job with Sony's blessing. They can shut it down anytime they want. If there is a severe industry backlash, they will shut it down right away, but I doubt it...Piracy is all part and parcel of gaming...look at the PC/Wii/PsP/DS/IpoD/IphonE and 360.

BTW...the free on line days for Sony's fanbase is about to and see.

Christopher3688d ago

@outrageous: That's some of the biggest BS I've seen this week. Sony wants to promote piracy? Microsoft will suddenly sell 7 million more than Sony in the next 4 months? This is an inside job?

Seriously, stop drinking the special Kool-Aid.

ps360owner093688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

You think Sony wants people to be able to rent or borrow games and put it on the hard drive and then play them whenever they want without purchasing the titles first. You do know that its software sales and not hardware sales that drives the profits for Sony right?

Also WHO are these analysts that are predicting that Microsoft is going to jump ahead of Sony by 10 million units after 1 holiday season that's crazy talk and simply not going to happen.

Snakefist303688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

By reading ur BS coments seems like ur happy that ps3 got hacked.U said tat free online is going down but ur wrong ps3's free online is wat ps3 is way ahead of xbox 360.People buy ps3 for free online so tat people can play multiplayer for free and because of free online sony is getting lots of application downloads like iplayer and future aplication like 4od and Steam.Sony will never remove free online and never will.And outrageous sony will do somthing abut this hacking watch and see.

raztad3688d ago

"It's software, as in the illegally distributed PS3 SDK that lead to the recreation of a back-up/debug mode dongle used by Devs and official Sony repair teams."

If that is actually true, there is nothing exciting behind the crack. So technically the "hackers" are just using a back door, set there for internal use.

Pillage053687d ago


conspiracy theories are so out of style dude...

pork_chop_express3687d ago


They already are digitally signed, for some reason these guys seem to not know that. LOL manafacturing this would be pretty amusing there is a FW update incoming.

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3688d ago
jsc249jobal3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

You make alot of valid points except the fact that this dongle puts the system in debug mode, which bypasses all of the security Sony and IBM made for the ps3 and allows for all code, including unsigned code to be run on the ps3.

Sony3603687d ago

Oh the level of denial here.

"Who approves this crap" being said again, and this time the source is the BBC.


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Omega43688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Wow on BBC News damn, this is getting far to much publicity.

But if this is real and this easy, Sony is in some serious trouble. The PS3 could end up like the PSP in term of software sales and 3rd party support.

But unlike the PSP this looks extremely simple, more than the "usual" crowd will jump on this.

You're right but at what cost? Multiplats could turn exclusive due to fear of extreme piracy, unlike the 360 anyone can easily do this. What happens when someone manages to release the software on the USB and anyone with a spare USB can do it? GAME OVER.

MS will still get hardware sales thanks to Kinect, since causals generally don't hack so it will be win win for MS especially if 3rd parties abandon the PS3 like they did the PSP.

The difference is this method is EXTREMELY EASY. I don't hack my 360 cause you have to open it up and put in some mod chip in and thats long. If all you have to do is insert a USB who wouldn't do it?

CrazyForGames3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

i wouldn't go that far psp had shit heck had no protection from the start

but im sure the typical crowd will jump on the piracy ship though

TotalPS3Fanboy3688d ago

And when the investigation is done, that someone is going to get a hurting.

Karooo3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

in hardware sales now. You cant pirate latest games with this.

Do you know what that is? a usb dongle made by sony in repair centres, they stole and replicated it.

More news more HW increase, sony is making profit anyway , i bet they themselves leaked it once they hit profit on PS3.

Hell if i was a pc gamer i would buy a PS3 to play UC2, Kz2 heavy rain., MGS4 I was wondering why sony didnt leak it earlier.

Me2 can be found on the PC anyway like most 360 games

WetN00dle693688d ago

That is true, it will indeed help system sales BUT the software sales will go down.

zeeshan3688d ago Show
ATLGAMER3688d ago

and its been hacked for your point is not valid....its not pirates who ruin game sales its publishers with there half ass games and overpriced games

PirateThom3688d ago

Yeah, it might become like the 360 where all it's games go multiplatform....

Hellsvacancy3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I think its time i added Omega4 2 my ignore list, im tryin not 2 b a fanboi but i cant help myself when i read retarded comments like hers

"UNIVERSE, please give me the strength 2 fight off these teenage fangirls", "dont worry Hellsvacancy (Adam) smoke sum more of that MIGHTY fine green youve got right now, all will b better after, i promise"

ChronoJoe3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Eh Omega I wouldn't get your hopes up. For starters it'd increase hardware sales astronomically, second since it's not a hardware-based hack, as you yourself point out. It's very easy for Sony to resolve. New games will ship with new firmware, and new firmware will prevent access to PSN. This means piracy on past titles can take place, but future releases are secure, and so are third party devs. Most 360s were hacked before Microsoft insta-banned those connecting to live.

Of course there are other issues, such as the users will need to own games, or download them to use the hack. Torrenting blurays isn't an option for Europeans, and most Americans. Europeans have bandwidth caps on BB connections of ~100gb/month, so this would too-quickly be consumed.

I'm sure sony don't expect the PS3 not to be hacked, though. It's had a great run so far, and has lots of other querks which make hacking the system awkward.

IneedWeed3687d ago

Go jerk off to some Kinectimals and Milo you Fooking troll. Explain to me why you love 360 so much and hate PS3. PS3 will do much better in hardware sales and still have a good 1st/3rd party exclusive sales. People love playing online and people also love pirating, I see many people getting a system to play online and a system to play back-ups. Unlike 360 where you can pirate games and play them online still. 360 has been doing good since it was the only HD Console you can Modd/Hack easily. Keep on talking about sales Omega while I play some crazy upcoming AAA+ exclusives.

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Corrwin3688d ago

As opposed to the PTA?

il-mouzer3688d ago

if it really as easy, we'll soon see DRMs for console games too

Sez 3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Can't really put DRM on console. Many people don't have online access as it is. You'll basic alienate the install base as only a certain amount of people will beable to play games. Plus I'm sure someone will Hack the DRM on console just as they have on PC.

@below: True that consoles maybe hard to hack than pc's. But the DRM works as a software. Which I'm pretty much sure if Sony can't fix this with a firmware update. Will be able to create a program to work around the DRM they put into a game. Plus many people aren't to thrilled about DRM anyway which may turn them away from buying many games.

il-mouzer3688d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if companies would pull this stunt - Ubisoft just continued with their DRM even though it was highly criticized and not everyone has a stable flowing connection.

apart from that, one huge problem with consoles is, that they're much harder to hack and modify than the PC

Blaze9293688d ago

"Can't really put DRM on console. "

Huh? There's DRM on consoles RIGHT NOW....

Try to play anything you bought on xbox live marketplace on another system offline - it won't work.

Try to play a PS3 download like GT5: P offline, it wont work.

Sez 3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

First off you can't play downlaoded games off XBL on any platform other than XBL. And I sure if you don't have a Internet connection you can't download the game am I wrong? No you can't which was my point because not everyone has there system online so why would I purchase a game I must play online. Just doesn't make sense does it. Why would I buy a game like MAG when u can't play online. As I said your alienating you user base because they don't have Internet so they won't beable to play games.

As far as GT5p goes. Could also be a reason why it didn't sell way more. Because it was limited to people playing it online.

XactGamer3688d ago

Great, this means new firmware updates every freaking week. Last time a hacker hacked the PS3 they removed other OS. Whats next a new PS3 Slim V2 without USB ports?

xc7x3688d ago

you are the console will be the new thing

jneul3687d ago

no all they have to is change the key used to boot up in debug mode, some people are just stupid by nature