EA: Crysis 2 will be 90 rated game

VG247 Writes:

EA has predicted its upcoming sci-fi shooter Crysis 2 will be a critically acclaimed game.

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PSboy3006d ago

i think it seems likely that it's going to be very acclaimed, bring on March!

East_Coast3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I'm getting this for the multiplayer everything else is just icing on the cake.

outrageous3006d ago

It's typical EA posturing. " Our game is the best ever and will be highly rated " Then why is it not coming out in November like it was suppose too?

It may turn out to be a good game, but it may turn out to be a dud as well. I haven't scene anything YET that I haven't scene before and lets not forget that many gamers believe the footage is from the PC build and does not reflect the final product on consoles. Remember when the game crashed and the windows screen popped up. EA threaten to sue any site that ran that video.

Lets not forget Bulletstorm, KZ 3, Gears Of War 3, Bodycount, Portal 2 and a bunch of other quality games releasing with-in weeks of Crysis 2 in 2011. They delayed from November 2010 to march 2011 to avoid Halo Reach, MOH and COD...Hmmmm...I think the saying is...out of the water and into the

gtsentry3006d ago

becuz of the dozens of games that are coming out latr this year,especially blak ops and call of duty,medal of honor,n halo reach ND ONLY MORE

tsunami9013006d ago

scene or SEEN? That is the question.

HDgamer3006d ago

Multiplayer and the Engine. Everything else is just bragging rights.

2late3006d ago

they've got their priorities straight. No "this game will be the best title that crytek put out", or "one of the best FPSs published by EA" ... nooo ... it's all about the god damn scores which start to mean less and less with each day.

N2G3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

if they're so sure then why dont they make all their games 90 rated games ? anyway didn't Halo3 get 100% rating,this is how much rating means these days.

you gotta LoL @ EA

@ BeaArthur

of course its relevant (Halo 3 did screw game ratings for ever) but obviously to butthurt xbox fans its not.
1 bubble= immature

BeaArthur3006d ago

1 bubble = irrelevant opinion.

k-Lan3006d ago

Halo 3 screwed game ratings forever?? lmao! The 98 average for GTA4 is okay though, right? Thanks for the laugh N2G.

120FPS3006d ago

"Halo 3 screwed games ratings for ever"

and in other news your a 12 year old ass clown who thinks that saying clever sh1t for your ps3 ass clown buddies will get you more bubbles

suckerpunch3006d ago

we will see how it goes when released

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The story is too old to be commented.