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America’s fascination with the Mafia is long documented. For decades, films like The Godfather and television series like The Sopranos have basked in the world of the Italian organized crime syndicate. Its current and former members tout it as a closed community that operates on trust, respect, and glory. Never mind that in reality they backstab, double-cross, and rat each other out at a higher frequency than any of the Real Housewives reality shows. No video game franchise adheres more closely to this fractured dream of a romanticized criminal subculture than Mafia.

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StanLee3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Isn't it the same game across all 3 versions? Same story, same gameplay.

mbmanhattan3007d ago

Same story , yes. Same game lol no. ps3 is a turd running at 27-18 fps sec. Yes 18! With no grass, no HD lighting and less blood.

BeaArthur3007d ago

Definitely want to check this one out.

Sie3007d ago

Really looking forward to this game because i loved the demo.

joydestroy3007d ago

can't wait to play this gameeeee!

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The story is too old to be commented.