THQ: 'Packaged goods are slowly dying out'

In an interview with GamerZines the creative director of WWE: Smackdown vs Raw 2011, Cory Ledesma, has spoken of his belief that the future of console gaming lies not in physical media, but digital distribution.

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Letros2983d ago

I don't see DD hitting consoles in the mainstream for sometime, but it's a very good business plan for PC gaming. I used to be against DD, always wanting a physical product, but as the years go by I get more lazy, and I find myself buying A LOT more games from DD, don't know if thats a good or bad thing though, definately good for the industry.

HeroXIV2983d ago

THQ WOULD say this, I'm with you it's more relevent to PC. THQ have a sale on steam at EVERY opportunity. It's no wonder STALKER sold well, not just because it's critically acclaimed but because it's so bloody cheap!

Christopher2983d ago

The problem is they're comparing DD of small size titled games to full games released on discs. For PC games, DD is okay because it fits the medium, but for console games your disc-based games still make the most profit and sell the most. DD is pretty much the future for smaller sized games like we usually get on PSN and XBL.

FragGen2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Agreed, the PC will be the cutting edge (as usual). But make no mistake, consoles will follow suit and I think it'll be surprisingly fast.

Not only do we have the PC trailblazing at the high end but also, we have handhelds: iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Windows Phone 7 devices, at the low end. These will all offer games/software with no physical media.

iPhone has already taken over adult portable gaming. Most adults were not willing to carry around a portable device just for gaming and those who did are starting to leave them at home. It's not that they're better at it (sorry iBots but a PSP still SMOKES an iPhone for gaming): they're just way easier/more convenient. So now, only the hardest of the hardcore adult gamers would actually bother to carry a handheld.

So, the next gen of consoles will have HUGE pressure/momentum from both sides for DD. Sony is already experimenting with "disc quality" PSN games.

People are used to getting more of their media in a DD (and subscription) format, consumers are getting ready for it mentally. It is CLEARLY the direction the industry is moving, like it or not. I'm already getting my movies via netflix, I've stopped buying music completely in favor of Rhapsody. DD is the future.

Time will tell whether it's good for us, but Steam showed, like iTunes before it, that the final key for adoption is that: the price has got to be right.

Zinc2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

But, that's just it. They still charge full retail price for direct download products. What happens if the industry decides to simply keep them all at 50 or 60 bucks? Will they still be complaining about lost revenue and trying to get us to spend on micro transactions? Will DLC become even more virulent and petty? As their cost to get the product out to you the consumer dramatically falls, will they keep that extra profit or lower the price?

If anybody thinks pirating is an issue now...

Not only that, but marketing is bigger than ever before, but really a lot of the heavy lifting is done by 3rd parties like blogs, sites like these, and tv programs dedicated to talking about games. The internet has become a marketing machine the likes of which has never existed before.

Publishers release well timed pieces of information and wait for it to proliferate throughout the world.

tplarkin72983d ago

The next Xbox will be 100% downloads. No discs.

Playerz82983d ago

I think some company is just mad about UFC Undisputed 2010 not selling well....

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The Meerkat2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

What one of the big players (MS, Sony, EA, Activision) should do is release a big game a week early on DD.
That cuts out the retailers and makes them more profit on each game sold. And if they were the first to do this it would generate a lot of free hype too.

Imagine if Black Ops was to be launched 1 week early on DD, every News channel would cover the story and every forum would be talking about it (N4G) with people both for and against the idea.

CrazyForGames2983d ago

the problem with that though the way i see it if its a shit game people will actually know just how shitty it is 1 week before the retail release

Stealth20k2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

They say this because the majority of there games suck

And the article title is misleading.

THQ doesnt think this, one publisher from a shitty franchise does

Apotheosize2983d ago

Goddamn I hate when these articles show up. Square said the same things. I dont know about you but I like physical media, digital distributions great on PCs, but not on anything else.

Wikkid6662983d ago

Most publishers/studios will say this because of one thing... The "used game" industry. DD will totally eliminate used games.

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