IGN : Gamescom: Game of the Show Awards Nominees

"We've scoured the halls, sourced out the hot demos and played the biggest games and now we're ready to announce IGN's Best of Gamescom 2010 awards nominees."

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Zir03694d ago

No Halo:Reach or GT5? Am I missing something here?

Wizziokid3694d ago

I was thinking the same thing

brazilianbumpincher3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

that is the culmination of a host of opinions from all types of various media that are at gamescom rather than the opinion of one site,especially IGN whose own self importance and arrogance disgusts me.

anyway the official award ceremony is today im sure you all know results were..

Best of gamescom: Gran Turismo 5
Hardware Accessories: PlayStation Move
Best Console Game: Gran Turismo 5
Best Mobile Game: Super Scribblenauts
Best Online Game: Guild Wars 2
Best PC game: Crysis 2
Best of Family Entertainment: Epic Kirby's Yarn

FangBlade3694d ago

Where did you get that list?

presto7173694d ago

is also available on ps3. That should tell all of us something.

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Pennywise3694d ago

No GT5 or Halo: Reach is an automatic fail. GJ IGN.

kingjoker343694d ago

Yeah for some reason IGN hasnt given any awards to GT5 all year, atleast the USA one has isnt.
I like IGN and all, but they have been off the ball lately.

Darkfiber3694d ago

I don't care about either of those. Imagine that, people have different tastes than you. Amazing.

Jaybad543694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

To be fair, you are in the minority if you dont care about either of those games

Pennywise3694d ago

The two most popular games not even given a nomination is "different tastes"? This is a "professional" gaming site? Maybe they should stop being so immature and add two games that are clearly front runners for top selling games for both systems. It has nothing to do with taste. This issue is about them clearly excluding the two most popular games.

It looks like Reach and GT will be the best games in their series... how can they think they can get away with excluding them and not being criticized?

DatNJDom813694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

this is why I don't mess with ign anymore. They gotta stop the hate. Black is beautiful! And by black I mean PS3.

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fedex6823694d ago

How can we take this list seriously without the two biggest games ever?

HeroXIV3694d ago

I hate how Bioshock Infinite has been nominated and we haven't seen any gameplay. :(

Philaroni3694d ago

Is it just me or is GT5 getting left out all over the place. I was watching the Bonus Round and they never said one word about it in there last episode. The game sells just as much as Halo. Its adding more content then any other racer before it. NFSHP is cool and is doing many cool new things but as is GT5. Its odd the only media it gets is hate. Just saying.

ThatsGaming3694d ago

The problem is that realistic racing games are dying and in their place extreme racing games are rising. Hot Pursuit is more on the extreme side and therefore appeals to the broader audience direction.

People want to play games like Split Second, Blur, and Burnout now. People that want to race around 100 closed circuit tracks and drive 500 realistic vehicles doing it are a dying breed with too much time on their hands.

ATLGAMER3694d ago

I can get them not putting reach up there but not GT5....cause reach is nothing more then a rehash

Philaroni3694d ago

GT5 should be up there but Reach is not a rehash, they are doing lots of cool things with the online like they always do. Halo is another game that gets so much bad attention from gamers just because its successful and Bungie always does some new cool things with it. You can still applicate a good game even if its not your cup of tea.

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