Gamescom 2010: Our Biggest Show Surprises - NowGamer

The NowGamer team recaps their biggest surprises from Gamescom and why the ways the reveals will impact the games industry.

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Philaroni2984d ago

Ya ME2 was a big one, I loved CWarhead online on PC. Its like BF2 meets Halo2 its sick. C2 is going to be a kick ass online game. I love all the armor ability's they have. And no Halo fans Crysis did it first.

kingjoker342984d ago

Mass effect 2
Resistance 3
Ratchet and Clank 4

my biggest surprises

Krugsy2984d ago

I don't think there were any REAL surprises. The closest to one would be ME2, even then I don't think it was too much of a surprise. I think it would have been MORE surprising if ME2 never made it to PS3. R3 was a given, would have been nice to have some more info. R&C4 was a pretty good reveal, we expected a 4th iteration but there was no inclination that it would be revealed at GC.

Overall, a very solid show with many great announcements and reveals, even if they weren't overly surprising. GT5 certainly had a massively solid showing and loved everything that was shown.

Looks like Sony is going to make GC an important date on the Sony calendar. It makes sense because of how strong Sony is in Europe. I guess its now time to turn attention to TGS.