Killzone 3 Video Interview

Check out the interview with Steven Ter Heide of Guerrilla Games. Talking about Controls, Playstation Move and what makes Killzone 3 so much better then the previous Killzone game.


A possible Beta mentioned in the video!

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killzone with move, could be interesting!

raztad2981d ago

I have MOVE preodered just for MAG. There are two different schools for Motion control implementation in shooters:

Free reticule like in KZ3, Socom 4 or more like a PC mouse with fixed reticle in the center of the screen.

Lets see which one is better. Wonder which one is Zipper using for MAG. Being MAG a FPS, Zipper may have opted for a fixed reticle instead of Socom 4.

colonel1792981d ago

Killzone 3 has a free reticle with Move?!.. I don't like that. It should be fixed. That was the camera moves with you, instead of having to go to the sides of the screen to look around

Hope they give players the option to choose


lets us know how that turns out!

raztad2981d ago

"That's gonna happen sooner than you think"

OMG. Beta incoming. I think it is approaching the time for PS+ subscription.


killzone 3, COME OUT ALREADY!!

gijsbrecht2981d ago

So, did I understand it correctly that a public beta was confirmed in this interview?


i dont think he said a public i think he was going for a gamereviewer beta. but the website bragged about a BETA ALOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago! still havent heard anything!

gijsbrecht2981d ago

Just watched it again and around the 3:04 mark I think he actually mentions a public beta. But never mind; we'll hear it soon enough if there is one or not.

uhaul2981d ago

I definitely want in on the beta.

Malebaria2981d ago

Great interview. KZ 2 still remains as my most played shooter on the PS3 and looks like Guerrilla really are listening to our feedback.

BannedForNineYears2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

How do you have weightiness and remove the lag? v_v
The weightiness in Killzone 2 was only there because of this "lag".
It was pretty easy to get used to the weightiness in Killzone 2, but then if you go back to another game like, Cod, you'll be totally annoyed by how long it takes to adjust. v_v