Infamous 2: First HD Footage Shows Great Melee Attacks

Watch a new HD gameplay video of Infamous for PS3:

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Cloudberry2982d ago

The slow motion melee attacks are sweet!

callahan092981d ago

Yeah it reminds me of God of War 3, quite impressive. The transition in camera from the close-in, stylized cinematic melee cam to the pulled out open-world view is very smooth, too. Sometimes it's hard to remember this is an open-world game, and then the camera pulls back and you start moving at full speed across the world and you go "Holy crap."

Alos882981d ago

I agree, I'm definitely getting a Blade of Olympeus vibe from that sword/tuning fork he's swinging around.

Redrum0592981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

im so getting this fn game
beautiful open world detailed graphics
and smooth fun gameplay
this is why bluray is good for games.

-Mezzo-2981d ago

Awesome, Marvelous, Spectacular, Mind Blowing..... Help me guys i am running out of words. This games deserves so much more praise. lol

Ravage272981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

how about.....GOTY 2011? :p

Seriously this has got to be one of the most improved sequel yet, definitely close to Uncharted -> Uncharted2 jump

2011 is going to be crazy stacked though - inFamous2,KZ3,TwistedMetal,Mot orstorm:A,The Last Guardian,R3, and maybe even UC3

And these are just the AAA exclusives, we still have awesome third party games like Deadspace2,DA2,Portal2,FF14,ME 2 and Rage.

2981d ago
Redrum0592981d ago

i dont understand why you only have 1 bubble
+bubbles for ya
well said.

HelghastKid2981d ago

He only has one bubble because he was quite the fanboy. I noticed though that not just xbox fanboys but ps3 fanboys are starting to appreciate a good game no matter what the console. I could only wish that oneday i can sign into n4g and get into a discussion where there is absolutely no fanboy behavior.

Redrum0592981d ago

we would all like that keghastkid

trane072981d ago

Make no mistake. He still is. Its a tactic fanboys use to get more bubbles. Say a neutral thing here and there, and once your bubbles are back up, flame away back to your old self.

Bladestar and Giantenemycrab were masters at it.

Feelings aside, the footage looks astounding.

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The story is too old to be commented.