X360A: Kinect Interview - Nick Burton, Rare's Senior Software Engineer

Rare has more recently been instrumental in helping to develop Kinect, Microsoft's motion-detecting camera that has more than a few tricks under it's glossy black exterior and has been hard at work readying Kinect Sports as a first-party launch title.

We caught up with Rare's Senior Software Engineer, Nick Burton at Gamescom to chat about Kinect, Kinect Sports, the new Xbox Live Avatars and the experiences in working with Kinect's new and exciting technology.

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Bigpappy2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

This guy did a really clearly answered interview. He did not back away from question. If there is stuff kepted under raps, he said it. He is very blunt about Kinect being very flexable (can be used in many ways). I felt the same way he does about UBI's fitness game. It is very well done and very impressive.