Gears of War Price Debate

There's quite a buzz surrounding the big Gears of War Emergence Day announcement recently released. Internet forum threads on the Gears of War pricing structure has many different opinions on what the logic was behind the numbers.

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TheMART5395d ago

59,95 is a normal price and it will still not be as much as any PS game that will be 79, 89 or it might be up to 100 dollars.

To pay 69,96 for a collector's item, well with an extra DVD a booklet and so on, it all seems not to expensive to me.

And well, MS knows they can't go wrong on this one. Everybody wants it I guess even if the price would be more premium then this

OutLaw5395d ago (Edited 5395d ago )

For the collectors edition they should throw in some free military dog tags with the Gears of War logo on it.

justin5395d ago

I also hope they make a huge profit to encourage quality games in the future.

Gamer135395d ago

ill buy this game at any price because i now GOW will be a solid shooter.

TMoney5395d ago

MS offers two price points for GOW. If you can't afford or are unwilling to pay the extra $10 for the "collectors edition", then don't. You have the choice of the standard edition with the exact same gameplay.

GOW will surely be another nail in the coffin for the PS3. Lowering the price of GOW to $49.99 makes no sense as the lower price will not effect the launch of the PS3 in the least.

The Sony next gen console will undoubtedly sellout at launch, regardless of what price the 360 or any the 360 games are priced. Sony fans are committed to buying the PS3 despite the bloated pricepoints, overhyped technology, and less than spectacular launch lineup.

TheMART5395d ago

Yup, see Gears of War this Christmas running on 360 demopods. Beside it a PS demopod with well.. urm Genji 2 and it's giant enemy crab.

Locust eat giant enemy crabs alive so I guess it will be a lose-lose situation for PS in any way you look at it hahaaa

TMoney5395d ago

...the realtime weapons change with Genji 2. That's sure to impress the legions of PS3 fans. The innovations spearheaded by Sony are staggering! How oh how will poor MS and little GOW compete with Genji 2?

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