Motorstorm: Apocalypse - First Gameplay Video in HD

The first MotorStorm: Apocalypse gameplay video in HD emerged. The World comes tumbling down in this destroyed downtown map in MotorStorm's Apocalypse!

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Square3007d ago

HD still impresses me!

DanyBrown3007d ago

why isn't the video imbedded?

MrLife3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )


AllroundGamer3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

hey Shmai_the_Cat stop posting those crappy german sites and learn to find those youtube videos, cause i think nobody needs to read the text there, we just want to see the videos in high quality...

edit: sorry MrLife, that shoudln't be a reply to you, thx for the vid, i have also found it through youtube search and wanted to post the link, but you were quicker ;)

TotalPS3Fanboy3007d ago

That German site is freaking so slow.

starvinbull3007d ago

I can't beleive how good this game looks. They have taken MSPR and amped it up to the max.

I have never seen a racer this impressive looking in terms of on screen action.

raztad3007d ago

Yeah it is very impressive.

This is the first time I see a full race, with turns and everything. I'm loving the concept and the implementation. One of the big pixel counters (quaz51) said on B3D, MS:A in 3D seems to be 720p with solid framerate, perhaps in 2D we may be getting 1080p.

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The story is too old to be commented.