A Mysterious Halo: Reach Countdown Website is Now Live

PlanetXbox360: Just moments ago a mysterious countdown page popped up on the internet and was literally stumbled upon using the popular website randomizer,; the timer will run out in just over four days, what happens after that is pretty much a complete unknown at this time. We know it's way too early for the game to hit retail shelves and we know it involves some sort of "Noble Team Monument." It's definitely put on by the PR team behind Halo: Reach because of all those Microsoft, Bungie, etc. logos at the bottom of the screen. There is epic-sounding music playing in the background and a creepy flashlight sticking out of the ground randomly turns on and off without any sort of logic

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PtRoLLFacE3035d ago

it seems some has been living under a rock

SixZeroFour3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

hmm...trying to figure out what happens on the 23rd

btw, didnt check every country, but i did check NA and it seems as tho canada (english) doesnt show the countdown...atleast for me it doesnt, all the other countries (including canada french)work fine in the respective language

Focker-4203034d ago Show