EMEAA Weekly Chart for Week Ending 14th Aug 2010

EMEAA Hardware:

Console - Weekly (change) - Total

DS --- 110,730 (-2%) - 53,591,402
360 --- 81,851 (-12%) - 16,486,507
Wii --- 58,601 (-4%) - 28,276,337
PS3 --- 52,071 (-4%) - 16,727,510
PSP --- 29,505 (-8%) - 24,902,601
PS2 --- 19,760 (-3%) - 61,442,758

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rroded2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

not really news but ill bite

good week for the ds as always looks like bit more than 100k dif for the ps3 vs 360 (our main event at news 4 stock holders)
so do the vg math magic or just wait to see what the official numbers are when they release.

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Halo_Reach2983d ago

Great to se ePs3 doing well means more sony awesome games!

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TOO PAWNED2983d ago

it's funny when some of these vgchartz fanboy idiots say "vg counts sold not shipped" lol they count s... they have no source, its just guess game. Having 360 ahead of PS3 in Europe is complete joke, but i guess they know numbers better then Sony and rest of industry.
they are Nintendo fanboys, they hate Sony and i hate then and that fake site. Please mod on N4g ban that site, like you would ban any other fake rumor site.

EasilyTheBest2983d ago

Not The Sold Not Shipped argument again...


Theres no other way this is the way they ALL do it.

sackgirl2983d ago

Microsoft has a boost in hw but not in sw.

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