Gamescom 2010: Peter Molyneux’s Fable III presentation talks Fable truth, schoolboy errors

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"I’ve read and heard about Peter Molyneux’s effusive and legendary game demonstrations in the past, but even after watching and listening to these selfsame demonstrations with video and audio, I’ve only ever been half-way to appreciating what makes a ‘Molyneux Demo’ anything special.

But after recently receiving a behind-closed-doors gamescom presentation on Fable III from Peter Molyneux himself, I now fully appreciate what makes his demos so special and rememberable: Even if it’s all according to script, and even if it’s artificial at some level, Molyneux speaks with a passion and sincerity that anyone in the games industry would do well to emulate, as he effortlessly enraptures listeners with infectious enthusiasm and a level of powerful, subdued energy that I’ve yet to experience in a developer demonstration."

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