Destructoid: Fallout - New Vegas Preview

Destructoid: It’s easy to look at Fallout: New Vegas and assume that it’s merely Fallout 3 in the West instead of Washington, D.C. But while New Vegas is the same type of game, and it’s running on the same engine, and you’ll be doing a lot of the same kinds of things you did in Fallout 3, making that assumption is not only selling the game short -- the assumption doesn’t really hold up at all.

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Razor_B3034d ago

Yh i totally agree with the writer. i am presuming there is not a lot of things you can do considering that FallOut 3 have thrown in a lot of things to interact with. But there is no reason not to look forward to Fallout New veges theres gonna be a lot of new quests, enemies, locations and new charters to see and meet.