New MAG Weapons Revealed

Totaling nine in all, the bonus guns come in sets of three for each PMC (one Assault Rifle, one Machine Gun, and one Sniper Rifle).

Raven: Gotha Elite (Assault Rifle) | KP21 (Machine Gun) | Kinmark SRS (Sniper Rifle)
SVER: Tamsen MK2 (Assault Rifle | Ariet SFW (Machine Gun) | Rubakho SVR (Sniper Rifle)
Valor: M31 CIR (Assault Rifle) | M245 (Machine Gun) | Sentinel M421 (Sniper Rifle)

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StanRaimondi2986d ago

Love this game can't wait to try out the beta tuesday

WildArmed2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Did you see the new skill system!?

And how did they have 69 skill points? THIS WORLD HAS GONE CRAZY!
(edit- just read man I've been keeping out of the loop -.- They also talk about the new guns there)

Finally, no more wasting skill points to get weapons and the suppressor and the scope.. and the.. you get my drift!

I'mma put down mag until they implement this into it.. I might just pop into the beta once in awhile.

rdgneoz32986d ago

Yep, looks pretty nice what they're doing. The 3 faction maps should be insane.

BiggCMan2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

omfg thank you for that link skv007!! i had no idea about this whatsoever!! im completely shocked about it. i just saw this article about new weapons coming to MAG, so i thought maybe more dlc, then i see your article, WOW!!! so if anyone can further explain what was said in that article for me, that would be great. some questions i have are...
1. will this new beta program be the standard for all MAG players once it is out of beta??
2. is zipper doing this because of fan feedback? idk what the fans have asked for.
3. when was this even announced?? i never once heard about it.
4. will the double XP for directives still be available? as well as the happy hour double XP?
thank you to anyone who can answer.

xman062986d ago

1.LV cap will be raised to 70. The new skill and weapons/accessories menus and system will stay depending on how the community adapts to it. I believe the new mode and maps are dlc(may be wrong with this last one)

2.Yes and they are also following through with their promise to add a crap load of more content.

3.Yesterday, when they announced MOVE support for MAG.

4.As far as i know it will stay until further notice.

red2tango2986d ago

Finally, there was such a small amount of guns.

CryofSilence2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I hardly call ~40 weapons "small."

Here is a list of the ones present in the game - MAG fictional names first, actual names second:

Assault Rifles:
Hollis A3 - Steyr AUG A3
ATAC 2000 - FN F2000
R-553 - SIG-SAUER SG553
M4A1 - Colt M4A1
AK-74U - AKS-74U
AG-94 - AN-94
AK-103 - AK-103

Light/heavy machine guns:
APEX 100 - Ultimax 100
KP45 MG - H&K MG4
Mk.46 Mod0 - FN Mk.46 Mod0
Mk.43 Mod1 - Mk.43 Mod1/M60E4
RTK-74 - RPK-74
PKP MG - PKP Pecheneg

Submachine guns:
F90 - FN P90
KP5 - H&K MP5
Vipera-2 - PP-19 Bizon

Boudini 12-Gauge - Benelli Nova Tactical
12-Gauge Pump - Mossberg 590A1
T-195 - TOZ-194

Sniper rifles:
H&M 90 - H&K MSG-90
Janas SWS - Bor Rifle
AM50 - Accuracy International AS50
Mk.14 Mod 0 EBR - Mk.14 Mod 0 EBR/M14 Mod 0 EBR
L96AW - L96 Arctic Warfare
M200 LRS - EDM CheyTac M-200 Intervention LRRS .408 magnum
SASR - Dragunov SVD
SV-98 - SV-98

Personal Defense Weapons (PDW)/Machine pistols:
KP7 - H&K MP7
Hollis MP - B&T MP9
Kurtis .45 ACP - Kriss Super V/TDI Vector

Rocket launchers:
PzF 3-T200 - Panzerfaust 3
Mk. 153 Mod 0 SMAW - Mk. 153 Mod 0 SMAW

F57 - FN Five-SeveN
M9 - Beretta M9
IZ-443 - Yarygin PYa/MP-443 "Grach"

Now add in 9 more:

Gotha Elite - SA58 FAL OSW
KP21 - HK 21
Kinmark SRS - DSR-1

Tamsen MK2 - Daewoo K2
Ariet SFW - Negev
Rubakho SVR - Sako TRG 42

M31 CIR - Bushmaster ACR/Masada
M245 - M240
Sentinel M421 - Remington MSR

CryofSilence2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

They promise many more weapons and gear items as well. The G36 has been mentioned by name, but I think/hope they'll had either the Micro Tavor or the Tavor TAR 21. Other than that, any weapons are welcome. I think a very good weapon for Valor would be the M468 as it doesn't fire the weaker 5.56 mm bullets of standard rifles, nor does it fire the powerful 7.62 mm bullets of bigger rifles; it fires custom-made 6.8 mm rounds. Good "in between" rifle. On that note, the Masada or ACR is able to easily switch between NATO 5.56 mm to 7.62. Wonder if they do anything with that.

FAMAS, SAR 21, and many others are good candidates as well.

ThanatosDMC2985d ago

They talked about laser attachments... which i dont want since i have the edge in accuracy against noobs, but with the laser attachment they will actually hit me.

Redempteur2986d ago

more weapons ? i guess the M for Massive is right "on target"

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