How JRPGs translate into Western RPGs


"I know what you’re probably thinking: I’m going to blather on about the technical differences between Japanese role-playing games and Western ones. Well, you’re wrong; I’m going to blather on about how differently each one would handle a given situation within a game. In a hypothetical sense, of course. So, here’s how some events in JRPGs would translate into WRPGs."

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boogeyman9993009d ago

Save the princess part is so true.

vsr3009d ago

their limit is 3-4 million. But JRPG s are worldwide popular. They can reach 10 million.(ff7) or at least 5 million(ff13)

AzzidReign3009d ago

WRPGs are so much better than JRPGs...

Montoya3009d ago

No they`re not. Final Fantasy 7, Demon Souls are just as good of games as Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 1/2.

Connoro3009d ago

Agreed. It kind of depends on the genre of RPG as well - Japan puts out a lot of fantasy RPGs and the West puts out more sci-fi (I know Japan does sci-fi too, but not nearly as much).

aceofspades3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

I AGREE Demons Souls is Awesome!


still awesome!

SOAD3009d ago

Final Fantasy 7 is more than a decade old, and Demon's Souls is an Action RPG developed by a Japanese Studio. It doesn't have the same elements that JRPGs are known to have.

Triella3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

What about Dragon Quest ? You can't do more JRPG than that and it even is open world which is the primarily (maybe even sole) element that distinguishes WRPG from JRPG.

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Valay3009d ago

Eh, I like both. Having just finished Dragon Quest IX recently, I think JRPGs are pretty darn good.

Montoya3009d ago

This is becoming the new "console war" JRPGs vs WRPGs. Thankfully I enjoy both equally and I`m glad they differ from each other. It makes for alot of unique expierences.

halo4fan3009d ago

Well, I don't think it's as abig a ac onsole war.

giantchicken3009d ago

That was kind of funny, and kind of true..

Redempteur3009d ago

just kind of because i can name rpgs on both sides these facts aren't true at all

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The story is too old to be commented.