New Mortal Kombat Erases Past Mistakes

Mortal Kombat is a guilty pleasure of mine. The brutality, ease of play, and simple video game pleasure are qualities that are becoming increasingly hard to find. Sure, people will say that you're not a true gamer if you can't pick up the latest first-person shooter and have a kill:death ratio of at least a 1.5. But who cares...

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zeeshan2982d ago

This game is gona be soooo sick! I can't wait to play it!

lociefer2981d ago

im sooo gonna enjoy this game when it comes out, you know, in a good way, STOP JUDGING ME !!!

zeeshan2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

From everything that I have read so far, this game does indeed play as good as it looks! I am gona slice and dice 'em up with me friend Kung Lao!

Pumbli2981d ago

Hell yeah! Kung Lao is the man!

Can't wait for this game.

N4GAddict2981d ago

Yeah, it is looking great.

Kurt Russell2981d ago

I hope it plays as well as it is starting to look!

marichuu2981d ago

The MK everyone has been waiting for is on the stairs \o/

Lf_sIcKmAn2981d ago

Coming up with funny interpretations of what raiden screams when he torpedoes is essential to MK Fun, i hope they use some classic ones like... YOURFATHERSTOLEMYCAR!!! YOURMOTHERSFROML.A.! xD