The 20 Biggest New Video Game Franchises of the Current Era

gamrFeed - "These are video game franchises that begun their life on Wii, DS, PS3, X360, and PSP - not on earlier systems. It isn't strictly new IP - spinoff franchises from powerful brands, such as My Sims (from The Sims), Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (from Mario, Sonic, and Olympic games), and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (countless Star Wars games already exist) are included. PC sales are not included, but sales on other systems, such as PS2, are included in software totals so long as the new franchise began on Wii, DS, PS3, PSP or X360. With all that in mind, these are the twenty biggest new franchises in gaming."

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naznatips2985d ago

Wow there's a lot more new franchises than I thought there were this generation. Still too many sequels though.

ssdninja2985d ago

The biggest challenge for the industry is finding that balance between continuing a franchise and innovating new ones.

bmw692985d ago

Kinda scary that the Wii games are dominating so easily...

TheLastGuardian2985d ago

Yea that pisses me off. Who is buying all that crap and how are non gamer's buying more casual games than real gamers are buying hardcore games?

Rubang2984d ago


(To be read in the "THERE IS NO SANCTUARY" voice from Logan's Run.)

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The story is too old to be commented.