How Resistance 3 Can Become Amazing

Arthur Kabrick of VGChartz looks at what it would take to make Resistance 3 a great game.

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aceofspades4076d ago


Delive4076d ago

Yea, from the trailer, I got the feeling of a Left 4 Dead kind of experience. That might be interesting.

Lifendz4076d ago

I'm not even worried about it. Insomniac was churning out good-very good games every two years. Now that they're on a 3 years schedule, and they have the advantage of years of hardware experience and access to ND and Guerilla, I'm sure they'll make something amazing.

Arnon4076d ago

I think I might hold off on the Resistance franchise. The first one was really something special when it was released, but I was really disappointed with how the second one turned out.

With that being said, I bet the new Ratchet & Clank game is going to be pretty damn fun.

Duke_Silver4076d ago

I hope they follow some of these the little bit I played of Res 2 wasn't very fun compared with 1

bmw694076d ago

I loved Resistance 2 so I'm hoping for big things with 3...

Braineater24484076d ago

I'd like to see this game succeed. *fingers crossed*

MaxwellGT20004076d ago

Didn't care for the first two, I'd really like Insomniac to try their hand at something other than an FPS, the PSP team did a lot with the IP so if they made Resistance 3 I'd be really interested.

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The story is too old to be commented.